Optimizing Your BBA Subject List & Code for Success in 2024

Welcome to a comprehensive guide to the BBA Subject List in Bangladesh. Today we discuss BBA courses that you want to study to build a career. If you are thinking of doing a Bachelor of Business Administration course in Bangladesh, then you must know about its courses and syllabus. But as a fresher, Most of the students don’t know about BBA subjects. For this reason, today we will discuss the BBA subjects and course code so that you chose easily. Reading continues to inform me about the BBA subject list and course.

BBA Subject List

BBA Subject List & Course Overview in Bangladesh

The BBA degree will provide the students to learn, create, and manage businesses that present value to consumers in a dynamic world market. In this way, the provided curriculum promotes creative thinking, self-assessment, and learning principles. It also instills an awareness of ethical responsibility and sensitivity toward society and the environment. The BBA program includes 140 credit hours. These take 108 credit hours for foundation courses (36 x 3), 8 credit hours for departmental courses or electives (8 x 3), a capstone course (1 credit hour), a foundational course and professional development course (each course is 1 credit hour), and an internship (3 credit hours).

In Bangladesh, BBA is the most demanded full subject. Most people want to brighten their careers by studying the Bachelor of Business Studies course. National University and Public University are offer BBA program. Now we explain all BBA subject list under NU and Public University.

Here Is the BBA subject list

  • Accounting (ACT)
  • Business Analytics (BA)
  • Business Economics (BECO)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurship Development (IED)
  • International Business (IB)
  • Investment Management (IM)
  • Management (MGT)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing (MKT)
  • Firstly, Operation and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)

This is the BBA Subject list for 2024. Now you can chose any subject for this list and make a bright future of your life. The lists below include all the courses and subjects we cover. So read Continue…

BBA Subject List


BBA Subjects Accounting (ACT)

BBA Accounting is a 3-year undergraduate course that focuses on the management aspects of accounting. The course consists of studying different subjects of business accounting, financial accounting, and business statistics. The BBA Accounting program gives the students practical and technical financial knowledge, as well as business skills.. The course aims to educate students on other management ideas as well as the business model of any company. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryCost AccountingBUS4111
Accounting Information SystemBUS4112
Intermediate Accounting 1BUS4113
Intermediate Accounting 2BUS4114
Any TwoAssurance and AuditingBUS4121
Bank and Insurance AccountingBUS4122
Information Financial Reporting StandardsBUS4124

BBA Subject list Business Analytics (BA)

BBA Business Analytics is a three-year undergraduate degree program focusing on data-driven business decision-making. The course presents multiple subjects in data administration and analysis, including big data, data visualization, and data mining. The curriculum covers various subjects of data management and analysis. Students will be introduced to the world of data and gain an understanding of mathematical models. This will give them essential insights while they are making decisions and will help them take the best course of action for their business or organization. Below is the subject title and code:

Serial NOSubject Name  Subject Code
01Analytics for business ProfessionalsBA 4001
02Technology Adaption Theories and ModelsBA 4002
03Visualization and Communication of Business DataBA 4003
04Analytics for sports ManagementBA 4004
05Legal and Ethical Issues in Data ManagementBA 4005
06Analyzing Exploratory Data in BusinessBA 4006
07Analytics for Healthcare and Medical IndustriesBA 4007
08Data and Web AnalyticsBA  4008
 09Financial Analytics BA  4009
 10Retail Analytics BA  4010
 11 Analytics for Talent Management BA  4011
 12 Seminar (Business Analytics) BA  4012
 13 Capstone Project (Business Analytics) BA  4013
 14Database Analytics and Design MS 4002
 15Object Oriented Programming MS 4003
 16Data Warehouse and Data Mining MS 4005
 17Social Media and Digital Marketing MKT 4003
 18 Supply Chain Analytics OSCM 4007

BBA Subject list Business Economics (BECO)

BBA Business Economics is a course that combines business and economic fundamentals. The goal of the program is to provide students with macro- and microeconomics, mathematical and statistical applications, and elective opportunities in a variety of subjects. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryInternational Trade TheoryBUS4211
Development  EconomicsBUS4212
Bangladesh EconomyBUS4213
Environmental EconomyBUS4214
Any TwoPublic FinanceBUS4221
International FinanceBUS4223
Mathematical EconomicsBUS4124

BBA Subject list Finance (FIN)

BBA Finance is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on financial management. The course’s goal is to help students have a better understanding of finances and develop essential skills for dealing with financial challenges. The course curriculum covers investment, insurance, cost accounting, company strategy, international finance, and costs. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryCorporate financeBUS4131
Financial Marketing and InstitutionBUS4132
Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementBUS4133
International Financial ManagementBUS4134
Any TwoBank ManagementBUS4141
Project FinanceBUS4142
Lease FinanceBUS4143
Financial DerivativesBUS4144
Venture Capital ManagementBUS4145

BBA Subject list Human Resource Management (HRM)

BBA Human Resource Management is a three-year undergraduate degree that focuses on the study of principles essential to running any human resources institution or organization. The course curriculum is structured into six semesters, including topics such as business principles, management, and economic planning and policies. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryManagerial Skills DevelopmentBUS4151
Industrial and Employee RelationsBUS4152
Human Resource PlanningBUS4153
Training and DevelopmentBUS4154
Any TwoIndustrial PsychologyBUS4161
Strategic Human Resource ManagementBUS4162
Change ManagementBUS4163
Compensation ManagementBUS4144

BBA Subject list Marketing (MKT)

BBA Marketing is a three-year undergraduate degree program. It was developed to teach students the fundamental and most critical marketing abilities for promoting their products, companies, and services. The curriculum of this course consists of several units, such as market research, product design, pricing, marketing, sales, and distribution. The course has been designed with a specific focus on preparing the students for a career and is comprised of both traditional and modern marketing approaches. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryConsumer BehaviorBUS4171
Service MarketingBUS4172
Integrated  Marketing CommunicationBUS4173
Digital MarketingBUS4174
Any TwoStrategic MarketingBUS4181
Marketing ResearchBUS4182
Brand ManagementBUS4183
Personal Selling & Sales Force ManagementBUS4184
Supply Chain ManagementBUS4185

BBA Subject list Banking and Insurance

BBA Banking and Insurance is a 3-year college program that is improving human resources managers organizational skills. The curriculum of the course is built on a six-semester structure, with the main topics being business principles, management, economic planning, and policies. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryBanking and InsuranceBUS4191
Banking LowBUS4192
Bank ManagementBUS4193
Insurance and Risk ManagementBUS4194
Any TwoFinancial Market and InstitutionBUS4196
Bank’s Product MarketingBUS4197
Electronic MarketingBUS4198
Marchant BankingBUS4199
Bank & Insurance AccountingBUS4200
Core Risk ManagementBUS4201
Rural BankingBUS4202

BBA Subject list Management (MGT)

BBA Management is a 3-year-long undergraduate program that provides students with a comprehensive view of business management concepts and approaches as well. The fields of study cover accounting, financial management, marketing management, human resource management, and operations management. This course is designed to help students to achieve various managerial jobs in the business world. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryProduction and Operation ManagementBUS4230
Project Appraisal and ManagementBUS4232
International Financial ManagementBUS4233
Any TwoBank ManagementBUS4234
Small Business ManagementBUS4235
Industrial RelationsBUS4236
Insurance and Risk ManagementBUS4237
Total Quality ManagementBUS44238
Intercultural Aspects of BusinessBUS4239
Management ThoughtBUS4240

BBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (IED)

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code

Venture DevelopmentBUS4245
Total Quality ManagementBUS4246
Small Business ManagementBUS4247
Project Appraisal & ManagementBUS4248
Business Plan DevelopmentBUS4249
Any TwoProduction Planning and Inventory ControlBUS4251
Cases in EntrepreneurshipBUS4252
Strategic MarketingBUS4253

BBA Management Information Systems (MIS)

BBA Management Information Systems is a 4-year undergraduate program which focuses on the fundamentals of business. It is a specialist course that focuses on the application of information technology to company management. The course curriculum includes disciplines such as database management, business intelligence, data analytics, information security, and others. Below is the subject title and code:

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsorySystem Analysis and DesignBUS4260
Applied Database ManagementBUS4261
Web Design and ManagementBUS4262
Object Oriented ProgramBUS4263
Any TwoInformation TechnologyBUS4264
Technology Fundamentals of Electronic CommerceBUS4265
Marketing on the InternetBUS4266
Personal Selling & Sales Force ManagementBUS4267
Management of Online BusinessBUS4268
Accounting Information SystemBUS4123

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BBA Major Courses

Course Code Course TittlePerquisite
BUS1101Introduction to BusinessNone
BUS1201Business MathematicsRemedial Math (if Applicable)
BUS1301Financial AccountingRemedial Math (if Applicable)
BUS1302Micro EconomicsBusiness Mathematics
BUS2101Micro EconomicsMicro Economics
BUS2102Business StatisticsRemedial Math (if Applicable)
BUS2103Principal Of ManagementIntroduction to Business
BUS2201Quantitative Analysis for BusinessBusiness Statistics
 BUS 2203 Legal Environment of Business Introduction to Business
 BUS2301Marketing Management None
 BUS2302 Organization Behavior Principal of Management
 BUS2303Financial Management Financial accounting
 BUS3101Human Resource Management Organization Behavior
 BUS3102Entrepreneurship None
 BUS3103International Business Macro Economics
 BUS3104Managerial Accounting Financial Accounting
 BUS3201 Research Methodology Quantitative Analysis for Business
 BUS3202 Operation Management Business Mathematics, Business Statistics
 BUS4999 Strategic Management All Core Courses

BBA Minor in Business Subject list

 TypeTitle Code
CompulsoryIntroduction to BusinessBUS1101
Principal of ManagementBUS2103
Financial accountingBUS2204
Any OneBusiness StatisticsBUS2204
Micro EconomicsBUS2102
Organization BehaviorBUS2203
Any OneMarketing ManagementBUS2104
Legal EnvironmentBUS2201
Human Resource ManagementBUS3101

BBA Minor in Economics  for BBA Major Students

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryTheory International Trade/International TradeBUS4211/GED2148
Development Economics/Economic Development and Social ChangeBUS4212/GED2134
Environment EconomicsBUS4214
Public FinanceBUS4221
Any TwoGlobal Political Economics
Introduction to public Policy/ Introduction to Public Policy and GovernanceBUS4227/GED2145
Health EconomicsBUS4225
History of Economic ThoughtsBUS4226

BBA Subject for MSJ/DEH/CSE/EEE Major Students

Subject TypeSubject TittleSubject Code
CompulsoryMicro Economics*BUS1203
Macro EconomicsBus2101
Theory Internal Trade /International TradeBUS4211/GE2148
Any TwoDevelopment Economics/Economics Development and Social ChangeBUS4211/GED2134
Public FinanceBUS4211
Global Political EconomyBUS4277/GED2145
Introduction to Public Policy/ Introduction to Public Policy and GovernanceBUS4222/GED2155
Environmental EconomicsBUS4215
Economics BUS4222
 Health Economy BUS4225
History Of Economic Thought BUS4226

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BBA Subject List For National University

BBA Subject List

BBA NU stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, which is offered by the National University in Bangladesh. It is a four-year undergraduate course that teaches the fundamentals of business and how different components of it apply in the actual world.

BBA Subject List For NU

Serial NoSubject NameSubject Code


Thanks for reading my article. We believe you have a full idea of the BBA subjects list. If you want any particular information about this topic, please feel free to comment below. Trust Info BD is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible. Have a good day. May Allah help you.

FAQs About BBA Subjects

Which subject is best in BBA?

Here is the top Subject In Bangladesh
Accounting (ACT)
Business Analytics (BA)
Business Economics (BECO)
Finance (FIN)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (IED)
International Business (IB)
Investment Management (IM)
Management (MGT)
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Marketing (MKT)
Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)

Is BBA the best degree?

BBA is regarded as the ideal foundation course if you are thinking about getting an MBA in the future due to its exposure to industry-based learning. It also assists you in determining the specializations that you can pursue while pursuing an MBA.

Which BBA has highest salary?

Marketing: Bachelor's students who graduate with a marketing degree earn the best incomes of any BBA attention to detail.

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