JU Subject List & Seat plan 2024 (Jahangirnagar University)

JU Subject List

If you want to get admission in Jahangirnagar University then you must have deep knowledge about JU subject list all units and available seats plan for each subject. If you don’t have a complete idea about the subject list and seating plan, then you will fail to make the right decision for admission. This is the main reason to write this article, so that you can easily find and choose the best subject for your bright future.

In this article, we deeply explain to Jahangirnagar University’s all-unit subject lists, like A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, unite with available seats for each subject. So, Reding continues to know JU all Subject  and seat plan for your bright future.

Jahangirnagar University  Subject and Seat Overview

Jahangirnagar University is the most prestigious university in the country which takes breath a new life into the dreams of the students. Every year, thousands of students fight for admission to 1844 sets between 10 units. On the other hand, the process of admission can be seen as complicated because students are often confused about subject , faculties, departments and limited seats availability. For this reason, many students are worried about choosing the right admissions subject

That’s why today we are going to discuss in detail the Jahangirnagar University subject list and seats plan across each subject. So reading continue for details information about this topic.

Faculty or Unit of Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University being an extensive university system consists of different academic units that explore and focus on various subject matters. These faculties will consist of a broad spectrum of FA, covering all the disciplines and programs available. Here’s a brief overview of the units at Jahangirnagar University:

JU Subject List

JU A Unite  Subject list

This unit of Jahangirnagar University is dedicated to the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Students can get admission to 240 seats every year in this unit. The curriculum consists of department such as chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geological science, mathematics, physics, and statistics. The number of available seats, faculty, and subject list are given  below in the table format:

Mathematical and Physical ScienceChemistry85
Computer Science and Engineering50
Environmental Science35
Geological Science40


JU B Unite Subject list

The B Unit of Social Science at Jahangirnagar University offers multiple subjects that are specifically chosen for the students. If you want admission to Jahangirnagar University in the B Unit, you must achieve a minimum GPA of 7.00 in both the HSC and HSC exam. Every year, a total of 386 students can get admission into B units. The number of available seats, faculty, and subject  are given  below in the table format for B unit:

Social ScienceEconomics75
Geography and Environment60
Government and Politics65
Public Administration50
Urban and Regional Planning35

JU C Unite Subject list

Jahangirnagar University C Unit, which belongs to the Arts and Humanities Department. When you pass the SSC and HSC exams and achieve a minimum GPA of 3.50 in each subject, you can apply for admission. Every year, thousands of people apply for admission into a total of 388 seats. Now we give you the subject  and available seats for each subject in the following table format:

Arts and HumanitiesArchaeology35
Drama and Dramatics30
Fine arts30
International Relations55
Journalism and Media Studies25

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JU  D Unite Subject list

Jahangirnagar University is dedicated to the D Unit, the Faculty of Biological Science, which is made up of 8 departments. For admission in the D Unit, you must earn a total of $7.00 from the science department. Every year, in Bangladesh, a total of 350 students who want to be admitted to JU University apply for a total of 350 seats. Now we give you the subject  and available seats for each subject for D unit in the following table format:

Biological ScienceBotany60
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology65
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering35
Public Health and Information40

JU E Unite Subject list

Jahangirnagar University E Unite are  Business Studies Unite, mainly run on the Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Programs with a specialization in Finance & Banking. This section gets many students on board because of the perceived global need BBA programs. It makes total total 240 seat under 4 department. Minimum admission requirements are a GPA 7.00 in both the HSC and HSC examinations. Now we give you the subject  and available seats for each subject for E unit in the following table format:

Business StudiesFinance and Banking60
Accounting & information System60
Management Studies60

JU F Unite Subject list

Jahangirnagar University F-Unite, a part of the low faculty, specializes in and teaches just the low and justice. Every year thousands of students across the country apply for admission, but only 60 qualified students get the opportunity to study. Students who have passed SSC and HSC with average GPA of 7.00 from any department can apply for admission.

LowLow and Justice60

JU Subject list  G Unite

Students at Jahangirnagar University’s information technology and comparative literature faculty have the option of choosing between two subjects in the G Unit. Every year, more than a thousand students apply, but only 90 students can be eligible for admission.

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IITInformation Technology50
LiteratureBangabandhu & Literature40

JU H Unite Subject list

Jahangirnagar University H Unite provide Institute of Business Administration(IBA) Degree. Every year qualified 50 students can admittd and study here. H Unit is a place where students can do business in real life, use their know-how to operate and manage it.

IBAInstitute of Business Administration50

JU  I Unit Subject list

Jahangirnagar University I Unit focuses on Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture, there is a strong interest among the students. Although this unit has recently joined this university, the number of students in this department is increasing day by day.

Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative  Literature and CultureBangabandhu Institute of Comparative  Literature and Culture50



In this article we explain about the Jahangir subject list with faculty and and department wise seats. I think you understands the JU all subject  and seat plan. If you need any information about this article feel free to comment below Trust Info BD always ready to reply your comment as soon as possible. Best wishes for your Bright Future. Stay Tuned……

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