BUET Subject List 2024 Overview of Faculties and Seat Number

BUET Subject List

Welcome to our Comprehensive guide of the BUET Subject list, faculties and Seat Number for 2024. If you are thinking of  admission at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET), You have come to the right place. In this article we are going to provide you with a clear and  detailed information about subject list including faculties  and seat number which are offered by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

BUET is at the cutting edge by being giving the highest engineering and technology-related courses in the Bangladesh. We will  try to help you make an informed decision about your educational journey by offering the most recent subject list of available courses as well as the number of seats according to BUET. Our post is based on 100% trusted information which play a very important role for the students applying BUET.

Introduction To BUET

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) is the best and most prestigious institute of engineering and architecture in the country. BUET was created in 1912 it is Bangladesh’s oldest institution for engineering, architecture, and urban planning education. 

Overview BUET Subject List 2024

Currently, BUET offers a limited number of seats every year among various faculties. Seat design for each program is subject to change based factors such as faculty capacity, demand, and government regulations. The Bachelor’s degree ending in a maximum of 4 years to of 5 year. There are 18 departments and 1305 seats throughout the 6 faculties and 26 seats for foreign students.

BUET Subject list , seat list

BUET Faculty List 2024

Academic activities are executed  by 18 departments across six (6) faculties. Thirteen departments provide undergraduate courses, and all except one, the department of humanities, also offer postgraduate courses.

BUET Subject List

Now we discusses BUET Subject list with Faculty wise. Reading Continue…

Faculty of Civil Engineering

BUET has the Faculty of Civil Engineering that provides a complete degree course in civil engineering. Through such programs, students master knowledge and skills in structural engineering, transportation engineering, and environmental engineering. This faculty offering two (02) particular Subjects and 225 available subject for every academic year.

Faculty of Civil Engineering 
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Civil Engineering (CE)195
Department of Water Resources Engineering (WRE)30

Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Chemical and Materials Engineering Faculty of BUET deals with chemical processes and materials science. The students acquire knowledge about polymers and nano- sciences in the undergraduate as well as graduate classes.  This prepares students for diverse professions in the pharmaceutical and advanced material industries. The Faculty of Chemical and Material’s offers four graduate subjects with 240 seats available for every year’s admission.

Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)120
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME)60
Department of Nanomaterials and Ceramic Engineering (NCE)30
Department of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering (PMRE)30

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Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bangladesh Engineering and Technology (BUET) is offering an up-to-date and modern technology-related “Electrical and Electronic Engineering” four-year honours program. From this course, students will practically learn about key areas of technology, including transmission systems, telecommunications, and digital electronic technology. This faculty offers three (3) undergraduate subjects, with 345 available seats  for every admission  year.

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)195
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)120
Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)30

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science at BUET offers vibrant programs exploring a broad range of scientific disciplines. This faculty focuses on applied learning and research, which makes students able to acquire knowledge and skills. The BUET Faculty of Science has passionate and ultra-modern facilities that prepare students for dynamic scientific thought and exploration. This faculty offers three (3) undergraduate programs.

Faculty of Science
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Chemistry (Chem)__
Department of Mathematics (Math)__
Department of Physics (Phys)__

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The BUET Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers fluent mechanics and problem-solving skills in four-year bachelor programs. The hands-on learning and research provide students with occupations in sectors such as automotive and aerospace. Innovation and sustainability are fundamentals of the faculty curriculum, preparing students for global engineering problems and solutions. Every admission year, this faculty offers three important subjects with a total of 265 seats.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)180
Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)30
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME)500

Faculty of Architecture and Planning

BUET Faculty of Architecture and Planning provides complete programs in architecture and urban planning. Through both programs, students know design principles, urban planning, and sustainable practices. Creativity, cultural sensitivity and interdisciplinary collaboration are promoting the faculty, preparing the students for the professions of architecture, urban design and planning. This Faculty offering Three(03) program and  total 105 seats available for admission.

Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Subject/ Department NameTotal seats
Department of Architecture (Arch)55
Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP)30
Department of Humanities (Hum)30


BUET Subject List 2024 features a wide range of majors for engineering, architecture, and planning aspirants. By having world-class faculties, high-level facilities, BUET remains one of the most prominent universities that deals with engineering education.

In this article we deeply explain about BUET subject list, Faculty and seat numbers of updated in 20204 according to BUET official Website. If you Need any particular information about your Admission purpose please comment below Trust Info BD always ready to reply your comment as soon as possible.

Have a great education journey with us …… stay tune……

FAQs about BUET Subject List, Faculties and Seat number

Is BUET only for Bangladeshi students?

No, the world class students from everywhere are here and decided based on merit.

How difficult is it to get admission into BUET?

The bullet university is highly competitive due to its reputation and limited seats.

What jobs are open for BUET graduates?

The career options of BUET graduates range over to numerous fields including engineering consultancy, construction, research and academia.

The BUET scholarship application for international students, is available?

Yes, BUET provides scholarships for outstanding student as well as the needy one based on their financial condition.

Does BUET allow students to study interdisciplinary?

Indeed the BUET facilitates inter-disciplinary students’ collaborations through joint degree programs and research projects.


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