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NU Honours Subject List depends on subject category and group-wise. Science, humanities, and commerce are the main categories. After passing the HSC exam in Bangladesh, students want to complete the four-year bachelor degree honours course. But most of the people didn’t know about the subject list. For this reason, today we explain that the All Honours Subject list with  subject code. So reading continues.

Honours Subject list

NU Honours Subject List in Bangladesh

After passing the SSC and HSC exams, you are eligible to enter the honours program. Many students are confused that choosing a subject for a four-year bachelor program. The National University  Honours subject list depends on the bachelor’s program. Per year Change the subject name and subject code, but your chosen program are the same. When applying for honors admission, students select their subject from the list of available SSC and HSC courses.

Honours Courses list

Before sharing the Bangladesh National University Honors Course listings, we will first provide the Subject Code and Subject List for the Honors Program. If subject list is changeable but your choosing pogrom are fixed . This is why you need to check the program list before checking the Honours subject list.

The following course are

  • B.A (Hons) – Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S.S (Hons) – Bachelor of Social Science
  • B.B.A (Hons) – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.S.C (Hons) – Bachelor of Science

Every  honours course are mainly  4 years program. Many student confused that are honourse are three year program! this idea is absolutely wrong the Degree course are  three year program but it depended on subject  category. Students in SSC/HSC who are in the Scienne Group may select a topic from BSc(Hons); students in Business Studies (Commerce) may select a BBA(Hons) Course and their Subjects, students in the Humanities (Arts) may select a BA(Hons) or BSS(Hons).


honours subject list

B.A & BSS Honours Subject list

An undergraduate degree known as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) normally requires four to five years of full-time study to finish .The curriculum offers a solid basis for a variety of career pathways and includes a wide range of topics in the humanities, social sciences, and arts. The major 1 selection largely determines the distinction between a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Generally speaking, BA degrees are likely to place a greater priority on the arts, humanities, and social sciences where as BS degrees tend to contain more curriculum in science, math, and technology.

Let see the BA and BSS  subject list

Serial NO Subject Name  Subject  Code
06Islamic History and Culture1601
08Islamic Studies1801
09Political Science1901
11Social Work2101
14Library and Information Science3801
15Home Economics3501

B.B.A Hons Subject list

A four-year undergraduate degree program called the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) gives students a comprehensive understanding of the business world. A foreign language, history, English, science, and other general education courses are among the 120 credits that must normally be completed for the program to be completed. You should anticipate studying managerial principles, marketing, finance, and human resources as a B.B.A. student. A lot of B.B.A. candidates intend to go to graduate business school and work toward an MBA (master of business administration). Some may choose to use this degree to improve their overall business abilities, which are applicable to almost any line of work.

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let see the B.B.A subject list

Serial NOSubject NameSubject Code
02 Finance2401

B.S.C  Program Subject list

An undergraduate degree present with studies that typically last three to five years is a Bachelor of Science (BSc). The degree is given for a variety of degrees in non-science disciplines like business,  Arts, and humanities in addition to the sciences, engineering, and technology. In addition to giving students a solid foundation in the principles of their chosen field of study, the curriculum of a BSC program aims to enhance their analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Let see the BSC in honours subject list

Serial NO Subject Name Subject Code
03Bio – Chemistry2901
06Soil Science3301
09Environment Science4401
10Geography and Environment3201



This post We explain four Year program Honours subject list. This list is prepared on the basis of courses and curriculum of national universities. If you need a new list on a specific topic, write it in the comment box. Trust Info BD always ready to assist you .

 FAQs For Honours  Subject List

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Which is the easiest subject for honours?

Its dependent for your ability. For my opinion Political Science is the most easiest subject for 4 years honours program.

What does a subject’s honors mean?

Depending on the context of the degree and the educational institution, an honors degree might indicate many things. Rather than a "ordinary," "general," or "pass" bachelor's degree, it most frequently refers to a variation of the undergraduate bachelor's degree with a bigger volume of information, a higher standard of study, or both.

Which Honours is best for career?

For a variety of positions like HR, director, editor, content writer, relationship manager, marketing specialist, etc., many business sectors favor English Honors students.

Which subject is best for honours in arts?

The BA program encompasses a wide range of artistic disciplines and includes instruction in all core courses. Any one of your favorite subjects, including history, English, political science, psychology, anthropology, and economics, can be the focus of a BA Hons program.

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