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Masters Exam Routine 2024

Are you a master’s student looking forward to the Masters Exam Routine for 2024? So, your wait is finally over! We are pleased to announce that the Masters Exam Routine 2024 has been officially published. With this program in place, you can now arrange your study calendar, review properly, and ensure that you are completely ready for your nearing examinations. So don’t waste your time. Reading Continue to know the Masters Final Year Examination Routine and Download the Exam Routine in PDF/JPEG format.


Masters Exam Routine 2024 Notice (23 January 2024)

Today 23 January 2024 National University officially announce that  Masters Final year exam are held on 18 February in 2024.2021 Regular/Irregular, Private, Grade Development and CGPA, MA, MSS, MBA, MSc, M. Muse, and ICT Final Examinations under National University will be held from February 18 to March 11, 2024 . Exam will start at 12:00 noon everyday.

Masters Exam Routine 2024

Masters Final year Exam Routine Summery

Since the exam routine has been released, let’s go over the summary before going through the complete routine.

Exam  Starts18 January 2024
Exam Ends 11 March 2024
 Routine Published 22 January 2024
 Source www.

NU Masters Exam Routine 2024


National University is most popular and largest University in Bangladesh.  Masters 2021-22 academic year examination will start on 18 February 2024 and end on 11 March 2024. All the candidates of Master’s program under National University will participate in the examination. The examination will start from 12:30 PM and will end as per the time mentioned in the question paper. This routine was officially released on 22 January 2024. Md. Ataur Rahman, Director, Public Relations Department, National University, signed this routine.

Here is the Masters Exam Routine with Subject Code

DateSubject & CodeTime


Bangla (311001), English(311101), Arabic (311201) Sanskrit (311301), Pali(311401), History(311501), Islamic History and Culture(311601), Philosophy(311701), Islamic Studies(311801), Library and Information Science(313801)12.30 PM


Political Science(311901), Sociology(312001, Social Work (312101), Economics (312201)
Marketing(312301), Finance and Banking (312401), Accounting (312601), Management(312601)
Physics(312701) Chemistry(312801), Zoologist(312901), Botany(313001), Zoology(313101), Geography and Environment(313201), Zoology (313101) Geology(313001), Psychology (313401), Domestic Economy(313501), Statistics(313601) Mathematics(313701)


Bangla (311003), English(311103), Arabic (311203) Sanskrit (311303), Pali(311403), History(311503), Islamic History and Culture(311603), Philosophy(311703), Islamic Studies(311803), Library and Information Science(313803)12.30 PM 
Political Science(311903), Sociology(312003, Social Work (312103), Economics (312203)
Marketing(312303), Finance and Banking (312403), Accounting (312603), Management(312603)
Physics(312703) Chemistry(312803), Zoologist(312903), Botany(313003), Zoology(313103), Geography and Environment(313203), Geology(313303/), Zoology (313103/313115/313127) Psychology (313403), Domestic Economy(313503), Statistics(313603) Mathematics(313703)


Bangla (311005), English(311105), Arabic (311205) Sanskrit (311305), Pali(311405), History(311505), Islamic History and Culture(311605), Philosophy(311705), Islamic Studies(311805), Library and Information Science(313805) 

12.30 PM 

Political Science(311905), Sociology(312005), Social Work (312105), Economics (312205)
Marketing(312305), Finance and Banking (312405), Accounting (312605), Management(312605)
Physics(312705) Chemistry(312805), Zoologist(312905), Botany(313005), Zoology(313105), Geography and Environment(313205), Geology(313305/),  Zoology (313105/313117/313129)Psychology (313405), Domestic Economy(313505), Statistics(313605) Mathematics(313705)


Bangla (311007), English(311107), Arabic (311207) Sanskrit (311307), Pali(311407), History(311507), Islamic History and Culture(311607), Philosophy(311707), Islamic Studies(311807), Library and Information Science(313807) 

12.30 PM 

Political Science(311907), Sociology(312007), Social Work (312107), Economics (312207)
Marketing(312307), Finance and Banking (312407), Accounting (312607), Management(312607)
Physics(312707) Chemistry(312807), Zoologist(312907), Botany(313007), Zoology(313107), Geography and Environment(313207), Geology(313307/),  Zoology (313107/313119/313131)Psychology (313407), Domestic Economy(313507), Statistics(313607) Mathematics(313707)


Bangla (311009), English(311109), Arabic (311209) Sanskrit (311309), Pali(311409), History(311509), Islamic History and Culture(311609/311617), Philosophy(311709), Islamic Studies(311809), Library and Information Science(313809/313811/313813/313815) 

12.30 PM 

Political Science(311909), Sociology(312009), Social Work (312109), Economics (312209)
Marketing(312309), Finance and Banking (312409), Accounting (312609), Management(312609)
Physics(312709) Chemistry(312809), Zoologist(312909), Botany(313009), Zoology(313107/313121/313133), Geography and Environment(313209), Geology(313309), Zoology (313109/313121/313133) Psychology (313409/313415), Domestic Economy(313509), Statistics(313609) Mathematics(313709)
27/02/2024 MondayBangla (311011), English(311111), Arabic (311211) Sanskrit (311311), Pali(311411), History(311511), Islamic History and Culture(3116011/311619), Philosophy(311711), Islamic Studies(311811), 

12.30 PM 

Political Science(311911), Sociology(312011), Social Work (312111), Economics (312211)
Marketing(312311), Finance and Banking (312411), Accounting (312611), Management(312611)
Physics(312711) Chemistry(312811), Zoologist(312911), Zoology(313111/313123/313135), Geography and Environment(313211), Geology(313311),  Psychology (313411/313417), Domestic Economy(313511), Statistics(313611), Mathematics(313711)
28/02/2024 TuesdayBangla (311013), English(311113), Arabic (311213) Sanskrit (311311), Pali(311413), History(311513), Islamic History and Culture(3116013/311621), Philosophy(311713/311715/311717), Islamic Studies(311813), 

12.30 PM 

Political Science(311913), Sociology(312013), Social Work (312113), Economics (312213)
Marketing(312313), Finance and Banking (312413), Accounting (312613), Management(312613)
Physics(312713) Chemistry(312813), Zoologist(312913),Botany (313013) Zoology(313113/313125/313137), Geography and Environment(313211), Geology(313313),  Psychology (313413/313419), Domestic Economy(313511), Statistics(313613), Mathematics(313713)
 29/02/2024 Thursday Sanskrit(311315), Economics312215),Physics(312715), Geography and Environment313215, Statistics(313615), Mathematics(313715) 12.30 PM
 03/03/2024 Sunday Economics(312217), Physics(312717),Geography and Environment(313217), Mathematics(313717) 12.30 PM
 04/03/2024 Monday Philosophy(311719/311721/311723), Physics(312719 12.30 PM
 05/03/2024 TuesdayMathematics(313721) 12.30 PM
 06/03/2024 Wednesday Geography and Environment (313223) 12.30 PM
 07/03/2024 Thursday Philosophy (311725/311727/311729), Botany (313025)Geography and Environment(313225) 12.30 PM
 10/03/2024  Sunday Botany(313027) 12.30 PM
11/02/2024 MondayICT(6666) 12.30 PM


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NU Masters Exam Routine Download

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We are providing students with a link to download the Masters final exam routine. By clicking on the published website, National University masters final year candidates can easily get your exam date.

Masters Exam Routine 2024

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Master Exam Routine Guideline

Some guidelines are published while publishing the final exam routine of Masters. It must be accepted by the candidates and the college authorities. Below are the instructions;

Masters Exam Routine 2024


Thanks to everyone for reading this exam routine carefully. If you need any particular exam routine, please comment below. Trust Info BD is always ready to assist you as soon as possible. Finally, we want to say, Do not waste your valuable time, read more carefully, and get 100% exam preparation for the upcoming Masters Final Year Exam.

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