NU Honours 1st Year Admission 2024 Apply Now

NU Honours 1st Year Admission 2024 Apply Now

The National University Honours 1st year admission 2024 circular has been published by the NU official website. Now you can apply for NU Honours admission. National University Honours Admission 2024 (Session: 2023-24) online application start on January 22 January 2024 to 11February 2024.There are no admission tests for National University Admissions 2024-2025. Admission is primarily based on the SSC and HSC equivalent results. The National University Admissions Result 2024 is announced in three step: first, second, and third merit lists. Read continue to know Honours 1st year admission notice, Apply Process, Release slip, migration system and admission result.

National University Honours 1st year admission circular 2024

On January 14, 2024, National University published a notice regarding the Honours First Year Admission 2024 session. The notice declared that the online admission process for honours first year will start on January 22 at 4 p.m. It includes information on eligibility, application processes, and admission results. Students can apply for BA, BSS, BBS, and BBA courses in the first year of the National University four-year honours program. Let’s start with the notice.

Honours 1st year admission

NU Honours 1st year admission Date 2024

National University Admission Process Generally, after applying online, the college admission process is completed on the basis of the SSC and HSC results. After applying, the national university must complete all types of admission processes by the specified date. Otherwise, you will fail to get admission to the honorus program. So first of all, let’s know all important date;

Start Honours admission online apply22 January 2024 at 4.00PM
Honours admission online apply  Last Date11 February  2024 at 12 AM
Online application fee payment  date23 January  2024to 13 February 2024
Final admission confirmation date for students on the college’s first merit list23 January  2024to 13 February 2024
Date of payment of money for students’ registration fees at that particular college15 February 2024 to 22 February 2024
Class Start Date10th Marth 2024

Note: Remember that National University authorities will not be responsible if you do not complete all the activities within the above mentioned date. So complete all task according to time for admission.

National University Honours Admission Requirements

At this point, we will discuss the qualifications required to apply for Honours First Year Admission for the 2024 session. Any one can’t get admission in the honours program of the National University. You must be eligible for admission to the Honours Program. Let’s know what educational qualification you need for admission.

  • You must have passed SSC/ equivalent exam in the Science, Humanities, Business Studies, or Home Economics categories.
  • You should have passed the SSC/ Equivalent exam in 2020 or 2021.
  • For the Humanities group, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in SSC or equivalent level. The Science and Business Studies groups require are GPA of 3.00.
  • You must have passed the HSC or equivalent test in 2022 or 2023.
  • The Humanities group requires a minimum GPA of 3.00 in HSC or equivalent. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for the Science and Business Studies groups.
  • The Humanities Group’s minimum total GPA in SSC and HSC Levels should be 6.50, but the Business Studies and Science Group’s minimum total GPA in SSC and HSC Levels will be 7.00.

NU Honours 1st Year Admission 2024

Let see the table for education Requirements;

Exam NameMinimum GPAPassing Year
SSC/EquivalentGPA 3.50 for Science, arts and Commerce2020 / 2021
HSCGPA 3.50 for Science, arts and Commerce2022 / 2023
HSC Equivalent
Business Management
Arts(3.00) Science and Commerce (3.50)2022 / 2023

Note : If you do not have the above mentioned educational qualification then you cannot get admission in Honours program. You must be enrolled in a three-year degree program.

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Honours Subject List

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BBA Subject list

National University Honours first year Admission process 2024

Most of the people don’t know how to apply online for Honours first year admission online. For this reason now we will discuss about the online application process of Honours program. The application process is very simple. You just need to follow some instructions step by step.

Lets see the instruction step by step

  • Visit
  • Under the Honours tab, click “Apply Now
  • Then you enter  your SSC,  HSC roll number, board name and passing year.
  • Review your information. If necessary, modify your gender or change your birth date.
  • Select your college by choosing the Division and District. On the right side, list your subject preferences (up to 15 if available).
  • Fill up your quota information.
  • Please provide your mobile number and email (if applicable), as well as a colored photo (150×120 pixels, 50KB JPG file).
  • Preview and submit your application.
  • Print your application and pay the application fees via mobile banking, as instructed by the college.

Note: After applying online, download the online copy of the application and keep it safe. After applying, the application form should be submitted to the college, and the primary application process should be completed. A print copy of this application will be required even at the time of final college admission.

NU Honours Admission 2024 Payment System

You have to deposit a certain amount of money while applying online for admission to a national university and admission to certain colleges. Otherwise, you cannot get admission.

Let See the admission fee for 2024

  • Application fee: 350 Taka for online admission application.
  • Registration fee (per student): 450 Taka.
  • Sport and culture fee: 20 Taka.
  • BNCC fee (Per Student): 5 Taka.
  • Rover Scout fees: 10 Taka.
  • Total fee: 485 Taka

Note: The total admission fees for Honours online fee is 485 Taka for the 2023-24 seasons. If you apply for National University Honours, you must pay 485 Taka using mobile banking.

NU Honours 1st Year Admission 2024


Additional Fee

  • Admission cancellation fee: 700 Taka
  • Admission Reinstated fee (Per student): 700 Taka

If you want to cancel your Honours admission, you must pay 700 Taka to the National University administration for the final cancelation. If you wish to reactivate your Honours admission, the price is 700 Taka per student. This includes all fees for National University’s Hon’s program admission in 2023-24.

Honours 1st Year Admission Guide 2024

Many student didn’t know about admission rules and regulation .That is why the National University authority has given the necessary instructions for  in the admission notice. Let’s see the NU Guideline for Admission;

 Honours 1st Year Admission

Honours  First year admission Cancel Process 2024

Many times after applying many types of mistakes have to be corrected or canceled. That’s why we  worry a lot about this. Lets  know how to cancel hons program admission or change photo, mobile number etc.  Follow this NU Photo  Below:

Honours  1st year admission

NU Honours 1st Year Admission result 2024

Bangladesh National University publishes the admission result online or through SMS after submitting the online application and application fee for honours admission and submitting the print copy to the college. Honours admission results are mainly published in three parts. First it is published on the basis of merit list, then on the basis of second merit list and third time the result of migration result is published. Below we will discuss the results of each step in details.

First Merit list

National University Hons First Year Admission Result 2014 First Merit List Result will be released in February. The online application process for honors admission will close on February 11. The first honors merit list is released 7 to 15 days after the admissions process is completed. As a result, the first merit list for honorus admission to the National University will be published at the end of February.

Second Merit List

Following the publication of the first merit list of honours admission, the result of those who did not appear in the first merit list, which means those who didn’t get a chance,  The results of the National University’s second merit list of honours admission will be revealed in early or mid March. However, once the second merit list of admission is issued, we will make it available on our website.

NU Migration result

The migration results will be announced when the second merit list for Honours admission to the 2024 session is released. As a result, those who asked for admission migration from one topic to another will have their results published. This result is usually announced at the second merit list result. Those who applied for the first merit list admission migration will see their results published in the migration result.

Stay tuned for updates on the National University Honours Admission Migration Result. We will always keep you updated on the results.

Cheek Result Online

National University first year final admission 2024

After getting selected to the National University Honours Admission Merit List, candidates on the second merit list must complete the final admission form between  March 2024 to April 2024. If admission is not completed by the deadline, the application will be canceled. The final admission form, along with the application fee , must be completed at the authorized college. To complete the final admission form, students must provide their mobile number, their parent’s mobile number, their parent’s annual income, permanent address, and current address.

If you do not wish to change your given subject, disable the migration option when filling out the final admission form. If not, the migration process will be started automatically, upgrading the selected list. If you want to move, be sure to enable the migration option. However, if you receive your first option, migration will not work because it is based on choice priority.

NU Honours Release Sleep Application

If you don’t get chance anywhere then you can reapply through release slip. After first, second and migration result you can apply for release slip. We will inform you very soon if the National University authorities release the release slip date at a specific time. So stay tuned

  • Didn’t get selected in the first or second merit list.
  • Were not chosen in the first Release Slip Result.
  • Can apply if they are not admitted despite becoming on the merit list.
  • Can apply after being admitted and then canceling the admission.

Release Sleep Result 2024

Students who were selected in the first merit list but not in the second merit list may apply for a release slip. This section will provide you with the results of the National University Honours Admission Release Slip.
We will publish the Honours Admission Release Slip Result on our website as soon as it is available.


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