Best Online Education Platform In Bangladesh 2024

Explore the top-notch online education platform in Bangladesh and profit from professional guidance, get hands-on aid and develop your skill professionally.

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

Online education has changed the area of education by making it possible to study at comfortable time, to approach classes and materials from every place, and save to money. Online education platform have become a popular choice in Bangladesh, which is managed by a need for equal and high-quality education that can be access by any students. Due to the variety of offering platforms, it is sometimes difficult to chose the best online learning platform in Bangladesh. In this article we going to provide the top 10 best online education platform in Bangladesh which is develop your learning skills.

Benefits of online education in Bangladesh

Now see if your own classroom can become an personalized one at your home in Bangladesh! This is the power of online education. You have no more excuses of long travel to and from work or about throwing classes into your busy routine. Online courses give you ultimate flexibility as you can easily study anywhere and at any time you want. Additionally, you will be saving money – no more  buy pricey textbooks and transportation costs!

But here’s the really cool part: effective online education is not only about learning dry textbooks on the Internet. You are able to enjoy instructional videos with divided from different parts of the country, and also explore a virtual library, thus making learning fun. And guess what? It will be a technical mastery that you will gain while you are still young and it will help a lot in the process of finding the right job.

So, why wait? Let’s go ahead and start your journey towards online education right now itself and discover numerous exciting possibilities at your fingertips, while relaxing at your own home comfortably.

Top 10 Online education platform in Bangladesh

Now we will discuss in depth about Top 07 Online Learning Platform in Bangladesh considering  the all factors in choosing the best online education platform.

 Here is the short list of  07 Online education platform:

  • 10 Minute School
  • Shikhbo Sobai
  • Shikkhok Batayon
  • Edvive
  • Amar Pathshala

10 Minute School

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our  first best online education platform in Bangladesh is the 10 Minute School. This platform  built by the famous entrepreneur and influencer Ayman Sadiq and with his  team successfully ran the largest e-learning platform in the country since 20215. In December 2016, a revolutionary event for 10 Minute School was the agreement with Robi Axiata Limited, the second -largest mobile operator, to act as the title sponsor.

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Massive Outreach

Currently, 10 Minute School social media presence surprisingly dominant for a private educational organization as it has about 28 million followers collectively on different social media platforms with  app usage being 3.6 million too. Influencing lots of areas of the platform, once again how carefully its content is designed for audiences of all kinds.

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Comprehensive Learning Resources

One of the core advantage of the 10 Minute School was it deep knowledge map. More than 40,000 video content that is National Curriculum framework.  The Innovative platform covers all learning experiences.  Subjects that from basics of  academia as well as supplements for tests and   education exams in different languages overall professional skill development and employment opportunities are available in 10 Minute School.

Interactive Learning Tools

As well as just passive video lectures, 10 Minute School offers students a variety of interactive learning resources to help them develop more effectively as learners. Through 50,000 online quizzes and live classes as well , learners can deeply understand the subject matter and monitor their achievement through simple means. In contrast , this dynamic way of learning contributes to the idea that by participating in the process and taking part in an Interactive environment it is possible to reach a deeper understanding and retain information better.

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our comprehensive list is the second best online education platform in Bangladesh. In 2019, Shikho became a lighthouse guiding teenagers who are looking for any place that would provide good quality education that is available everywhere. The e-learning platform was established by Shahir Chowdhury and Zeeshan Zakaria and has gained celebrity as one of the most efficient educational hubs in the country in a very short time.

Rapid Growth and Expansion

Since its inception, Shikho has produced incredible growth leads with over 500 thousand active users across 64 districts of Bangladesh. The launch of the mobile learning app at the end of November 2020, will expand the sphere of influence of the platform and engage the audience with the popular content, and competent options. The pay customers now spend at least half an hour every day on Shikho, which demonstrates how delightful the educational program is.

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Comprehensive Course Offerings

The Shikho campaign’s attempt to educate the general population included academic courses that help students prepare for SSC, HSC, and university admission tests.. With a comprehensive approach, learners can select and study the content that is aligned with their respective levels so that they can see it useful to enrich their academic performance.

Strategic Acquisitions and Collaborations

As part of their strategic plan to enhance their product range, Shikho bought Bohubrihi in 2021 a widely respected skill development learning platform, which had started operations in 2016. Therefore, a perfect combination was born, and the treasure of Bohubrihi appeared in front of the audience when there were over 100,000 registered users and 63 courses related to professional skills altogether more than 4,000 video lessons.

Shikho through its collaboration with Grameenphone’s My GP platform and over 70 learning videos gave users access to free of charge to learn. Through this collaboration, the core purpose of Shikho is materialized it is to extend its reach and build a society that values learning and lifelong development.

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Shikhbo Sobai

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our comprehensive list Shikhbo Sobai is the 3rd best online education platform in Bangladesh. It is Launched on 17 May 2017, Shikhbo Sobai challenges across the nation of online education platforms, its journey into a new era in education for the country. It was started by Rifat M. Huq as Shikhbo Sobai to drive a transformation in education where freelancing becomes a valid career for 160 Million citizens of the Country.

Mission and Vission

The main objective of Shikhbo Sobai company is to give people the ability to become independent and sustainability- oriented through online work. The platforms aims to provide easy to obtain and always -updated online courses, and as a result, learners will be develop with skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in the digital world.


Training Impact

The NGO Shikhbe Shobai  has been getting a lot of recognition because it has already trained a total number of 14800 people. This value increases to a large extent not only for those who realize the role of online learning in today’s digital job search.

Social Media Presence

Facebook and Twitter are among the popular social media handles where the campaign Shikhbe Shobai has been able to get the backing of over 425 thousand followers. The credibility of the platform is highlighted through the supporting votes, which indeed approve of the taste and necessities of the Bangladeshi people.

Course Offerings

Diverse Subjects

Shikhbe Shobai provides plenty of classes on different topics like Graphics Design, Web Design, UI and UX as well as Web Development, Android App Development, and Digital Marketing. All of these classes are offered with a minimal fee. The courses are carefully formulated in such a way as to arm learners with high experiential skills as well as highly relevant industry information.

Special Freelancing Sessions

The institute stresses the importance of freelancing as a career amongst various others as an opportunity to become independent financially. The institute equips the individuals with specialized freelancing modules within each course. This discussion explores the intricacies of Freelancing giving the participants an opportunity to employ their newly accumulated skills by advancing in their Freelance careers.


Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our comprehensive  online education platform in Bangladesh list the Esikhon platform is situated number four. Ibrahim Akbar, the managing director, has established eShikhon as a top e-learning platform that provides a wide range of courses that help in growing individuals at a personal and professional level.

Diverse Course Offerings

In the eShikhon store, you can select from many various programs for all tastes and future professions. Teachers prepare for and ladies cover a variety of topics including freelancing, academic subjects, BCS bank job preparation, etc. The online learning school, with over 30 professional classes headed by Top Bangladesh instructors you can simply follow up by selecting classes according to your ambition.

Skill Development Focus

Shikha, the leading educational platform, has the unique strength of integrating skill development into its curriculum. Be it general web development, graphics design, or 3D animation, there are courses dedicated to your specific interests. They have the CPA, SEO, WordPress, graphic design, affiliate marketing, android development, and other technical audio-visual course in the offer, so, all the practical skills, which are in demand nowadays, are taught to the participants.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

Besides the educational content of eShikhon, the blog section offers you published news as well where you can get updated with updated news and educational trends. Your learning path could be as simple as acquiring some tips on exam preparation, or as complex as career advice, or industry-specific information, whatever you are looking for you will get valuable assistance from this learning platform.

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Shikhok Batayon

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

Shikhok Batayon is a free educational portal for Bangladeshi students which gives them access to different types of educational materials. Launched in 2013 via government funding, this e-learning site is purposed to support and enrich the learning curve of the students of primary to higher secondary levels.

Accessible Education for All

At the heart of the Shikhok Batayon organization, is the mission to realize the ideal of open and affordable education for all students of Bangladesh. In the platform, designed for primary, secondary, and advanced learners, in a variety of academic disciplines, there will be a huge collection of educational materials corresponding to different educational levels.

Comprehensive Educational Categories

Shikhok Batayon categorizes its educational resources into three primary categories: Genetic, Pedagogical, and Mechanical. The broad coverage spans such areas as science, art, and commerce, allowing any student to have educational resources that match both his or her academic tendency and career plans.

Resources and Learning Materials

A specialty among other platforms, which is a wide range of educational materials, is featured in Shikhok Batayon. The platform in addition to (PPT) presentations and instructional videos helps to provide via notes and images all that is needed to make the learning process successful. Teachers who contribute to enhancing it by uploading and downloading instructional materials are the ones who take a significant part in enriching the learning experience for the students.

Fostering Skill Development

Shikhok Batayon uses an inclusive platform to engage students with educational materials such as video tutorials, presentations, and teaching aids, among other learning tools, with the purpose of nurturing skill advancement in their recipients. No matter which of the three streams the students are taking up, Science, Arts, or Commerce, the resources they will acquire will be helpful to them in perfecting their knowledge and in their performance here.


Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our comprehensive list Eduhive is the 6th best online education platform in Bangladesh. In 2020, Eduhive was founded by Mohidul Alam. It has established itself as a unique organization, employing tech-related features and collaborative projects to provide a one-of-a-kind educational environment for learners.

Collaboration with Language-Learning Apps

The most language education apps are stand-alone solutions, Eduhive LLC has entered the market with a collaborative approach by working with a wide range of language-learning apps to empower learners with the most suitable and efficient language-learning solutions. Children think they’re like teaching one student, but when you have Eduhive you can change your teaching from one style to another, classes, examples, and tools that fit every user.

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Partnerships with Prominent Organizations

Under a full value on quality and reliability, Eduhive has succeeded in joining partnerships with famous organizations like the British Council, IDP, and Education USA. Such partnerships show how the platform is trusted and also allow users to use such high-quality educational materials and support services.

Innovative Learning Tools

At the core of the EDVIVE products is the Vocavive app which is designed to help simplify the process of learning new words. Employing smart features and interactive lessons, Vocavive ensures that users can pick up vocabulary in an involving and relevant manner, which is ultimately easy, connecting the dots for an increase in language proficiency.

Strategic Investments and Support

The investment of a pre-seed fund of $50,000 by well-established Bangladeshi technology investors marks faith in Edvive’s potential for expansion, promotion, and innovation opportunities in a specific sector or industry. Also, the cloud services have received solid evidence from projects like ‘Microsoft for Startups‘ and ‘Google for Startups’, the latter of which to further develop the product itself and increase the user experience too.

Amar Pathshala

Online Education Platform In Bangladesh

In our last list of  online education platform is  Amar Pathsala. Amar Pathshala is a made-in-Bangladesh e-learning platform aimed at bringing lessons to anyone, anywhere in the world at no cost. Amar Pathshala offers an abundance of courses and resources that are radically changing the way people learn and acquire skills.

Specialized Courses

Along with academic subjects, Amar Pathshala also offers Japanese Language Learning courses, targeting learners with specific interest in the foreign language aspect of the subject. This course diversity represents the platform’s attachment to the idea of catering needs of its audience as they are different.

Accessible Learning Platforms

Amar Pathshala employs the platform of YouTube, and live streaming to enrich its educational offerings. Thus, flexible media outlets have become a powerful tool to improve the reach of learners as they give an option to the students to explore the material in a fashion that suits them.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

The Amar Pathshala computer-based curriculum has a wide range of multimedia content with more than 12,000 school subjects covering the General, Higher, and Higher Education levels. Also, the platform provides courses on professional and personal development skills so that people can provide themselves with opportunities to have a better career.


Thanks for read my article. I can say that the best online education course that matters to you in Bangladesh is the one that suits you best in every aspect. Taking factors like content quality, user experience, affordability, and interactivity into account will allow you to make informed choices and start your online learning journey with peace of mind. If you need any information about this article feel free to comment below Trust Info BD always ready to reply your comment as soon as possible.


FAQs about Online education platform in Bangladesh

Does distance learning process is as good as the study at the real university?

In online education, it may also work well, if not even better, when the course is of a high standard and the learner is really ready to practice self discipline.

how do I ensure that the online learning institution I choose is credible enough?

Search for cities where online learning platforms work with institutions of great recognition or have feedback and testimonies from people who have tried it out in the past.

May I have a certificate or degree from an online education platform?

Yes, That online education platforms often award certificates or even degrees to the completion of certain courses or programs is one of the facts that need to be mentioned.

Are online courses affordable?

Although some massive online courses cost nothing, others will still need you to pay. In this context, we can say that online courses creators sold more gets too rare over the traditional education alternatives.

Which key tips can help me with remote education stay driven?

Make targeted objectives, work out a time-table of studies, and involve yourself in the course content actively: you should participate in class discussions and do the homework tasks.


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