Patient Care Technician training 2024 Tips Benefit Guideline

Patient Care Technician Training Compared to certified nursing aids (CNAs), associates provide more direct care to patients, such as drawing blood and recording EKGs. CNAs that go on to become certified PCTs have more employment options and higher salaries. In addition to many other settings, PCTs can work in hospitals and physician offices. Clinical practice is conducted at affiliated hospital sites. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ requirement for unlicensed assistive personnel is satisfied by this training program. Throughout this training, a rigorous attendance policy is in place.

Patient Care Technician training

Benefit of Patient care technician training Program

After completing the Patient Care Technician Training Certificate program, you will be ready to work as a skilled entry-level Patient Care Technician (PCT). You will acquire the abilities required to succeed in this position and make a valuable contribution to a medical team at Pima Medical Institute. Learn how to take care of patients at home and about essential medical procedures like hemodialysis, phlebotomy, electrocardiography (ECG), and emergency room protocols. In their line of work, PCTs must possess strong communication skills and empathy in order to effectively interact with patients, their families, nurses, and doctors.

Courses in Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, and Certified Nursing Assistant are all combined into the Patient Care Technician program. Students who successfully complete this program will be qualified to sit for the NHA-offered Certified Patient Technician/Assistant exam and receive the designation of CPCT/A.

Requirements of patient care technician training Program

The PCT training program has selective enrollment. The following eligibility requirements must be fulfilled by every applicant. After completing the online presentation and submitting their application, candidates will receive instructions on how to finish the eligibility steps.

Before you apply you must:

  • Have attained the age of eighteen
  • Pass high school diploma equivalent.
  • Possess expertise in English (reading, writing, and speaking skills)
  • Proof of current CNA license

Technology Requirements

Currently, PCT training is offered in a hybrid format. To engage in the program, students will require the following technological equipment.

  • A Desktop or laptop running a modern operating system (such as Linux, Mac, or Windows).
    Mice, webcam, and keyboard external).
  • Reliable, high-speed internet connection.
  • updated web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari).
  • Use a free alternative PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.
  • Office from Microsoft. Using their student email, students can get free access to Microsoft Office 365.

NOTE: You will not be able to fulfill the requirements of this program’s coursework with a cell phone alone.

Patient Care Technician training

Cost of PCT training Program

A Patient Care Technician (PCT) training program’s cost can vary significantly form on a number of subjects, such as the location, program duration, and type of institution offering cost Here are few guidelines:

 Community Colleges or Vocational Schools

A lot of technical schools and community colleges provide PCT training courses. A few hundred to a few thousand dollars may be spent. In-USA state students all the time payment less at community colleges.

Technical or Trade Schools

Specialized PCT programs may be offered by technical or trade schools at different price value. These institutions may charge more for tuition than community colleges, but their courses typically last less time.

Online Programs

Online PCT training programs are provided by certain institutions and organizations. Online programs can type in price from regular on-site programs to more or less of them.


Duration of the Program:

While longer programs may cost more but offer a more extensive education, shorter programs might be more intensive but have lower tuition.

It’s critical to investigate and difference programs to identify one that fits your needs and price range. Additionally, for the most exact and recent information on tuition and related fee, get in touch with the individual institutions that are offering the program. Remember that some programs might charge extra for books, tests, and clinical rotations.

Patient care technician certification

We know that a certificate proves how you can do the job or where you learned it from. If you learn the work of patient care technician from any place then the institution gives you a certificate on your work after completing the program. You can take it directly or you can also take it online. A certificate after patient care technician training will help you get a good job.

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Duration of patient care technician training Program

Without requiring years of education, becoming a patient care technician training is a great way to enter the healthcare field. At AIMS Education, a patient care technician certificate program can be finished in just seven months by individuals. An evening program that takes nine months to finish is also available from AIMS.
Students who complete this program will be ready to work as entry-level patient care technicians in clinics or hospitals.
Pupils finish 650 hours of coursework and training. After 450 hours of in-person and virtual lectures and labs, they complete 200 hours of clinical internship work.

Top Patient Care Technician training program in USA

Patient care technician certifications allow job seekers to display their ability as an patient care technician to employers. However, not all patient care technician certifications training provide the same value for job seekers. Obtaining an patient care technician certification will give you a leg up when you apply for jobs and increase your potential salary.
The best certifications for a patient care technician training program are:

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT)

Phlebotomy Technician (PBT(ASCP))

Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)

Ivy Tech Community College

If you want to do PCT training then you can choose any one from the above list and make your future bright.


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How long does it take to become a PCT?

For CNAs who are already licensed, 96 classroom hours are available for the price of the EKG/Phlebotomy program, or 192 classroom hours plus 30 hours of clinical assignment, state board and national certification exams, and more.

How can one become a technician for patient care?

Getting your high school diploma is the first thing you should do. Subsequently, you must enroll in a college or university that has been accredited and earn your Patient Care Technician training Certification. This guarantees that you possess the knowledge required to succeed in the industry.

What kind of training does PCT require?

Technical knowledge including CPR, first aid, wound care, and catheterization will be taught to you. Typically, the program requires you to complete an internship in order to put the skills you learned to use in a clinical setting. Normally, these educational programs call for two years of intensive study.


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