DU 7 college admission 2024 easy apply process

Du 7 college admission 2024 is started from after the HSC examination result. In order to get admission, one has to participate in the public university exam. First you have to apply online for admission on the official website of Dhaka 7 College. Then students are selected through examination. Almost all types of students want to get admission in Dhaka 7 College. The students who get the opportunity here get all kinds of benefits like the students of Dhaka University.

DU 7 college admission

Reason of DU 7 college admission

After passing HSC, everyone hopes to get admission in Dhaka University. But many people cannot get admission there due to lack of necessary seats for admission there. For this almost most of the students want to get in Dhaka 7 College admission. Hoping to get an opportunity to like Dhaka University if they can get admission DU seven colleges. Many people join Dhaka 7 College for better quality education than National University. Compared to all other colleges in the country, the quality of education here is similar to that of Dhaka University. So everyone expressed their desire to get admission in Dhaka University affiliated colleges.


DU 7 College admission 2024 Published Date

Normally DU 7 College date published was  after HSC academic result. Every  student waiting for when published  DU 7 affiliated  college  admission date. Good news for them.  Probably 7 colleges will start their online application process by the end of January 2024. Admission will be confirmed through online application and examination. Last year online application process started on 2 April 2023. If you want to know 7 college admission date first then stay with us.


DU 7 College admission process (step by Step)

When you admitted DU 7 College then firstly you apply from DU official website. Otherwise you can’t admission from Dhaka affiliated Seven College.

DU 7 college admission

Following the step below how can online applications from DU 7 college Admission

  • At first visit @www.7college.du.ac.bd for online apply
  • You are currently viewing the website’s home page after visiting it.
  • Now select the “Apply Now” option.
  • Following your button click, a “Apply Now” page will appear.
  • You now have to enter all the necessary information.
  • You will then receive an online application for admission.
  • You now have to fill out this online form with all the necessary information and supporting documentation.
  • Once all the information has been entered, you must pay the online application fee.
  • Once you’ve completed all these procedures, you’re DU 7 College online admission form is complete.

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Qualification required for DU 7 College Admission

It is not that everyone can get admission if they want to get admission. If you want to get admission, first of all the candidate has to pass the SSC and HSC examination. GPA achieved by them after passing

  • Since Department are total SSC+ HSC = 7 point with 4th subject
  • Since Department are total SSC+ HSC = 6 point with 4th subject
  • Since Department are total SSC+ HSC = 6.50 point with 4th subject

If you have these points then you are online Be eligible to apply for admission


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DU 7  affiliated College admission test

If the students are eligible for admission, the admission will be completed if they pass the merit list through the examination at the time fixed by Dhaka University.
Now let’s know about Dhaka 7 college admission exam

  • Exam type    : MCQ
  • Exam time    : 1 Hour
  • Total Marks  : 100


Dhaka 7 college Admission test department wise mark

Subject NameMarks
Arts & Humanity
General Knowledge50
Total100 Marks
Business Studies 
Business Studies20
Marketing / Finance Marketing20



Heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all the brothers and sisters who wish to get admission in Dhaka University. May your future be very happy. If you want to know anything about Dhaka 7 College or if you have any question, please submit your valuable opinion in the comment box below. Trust Info BD always ready to assist with you.

Thanks every one to visit my website.

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