10 Best Hospitals in Bangladesh for Quality Healthcare

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Best Hospitals in Bangladesh

Are you searching for the best hospitals in Bangladesh having high-quality healthcare services? look no further ! In this article, We present the  10 hospitals in Bangladesh that stand out for their commitment to providing exceptional and cutting-edge healthcare services. If you’re looking for routine medical care treatment of a specialized kind, or emergencies of any kind ,these hospitals are like the master of all trades. The best hospitals have modern facilities, most recent technology, and high skilled doctors and medical professionals as their key mission is to ensure excellent medical care and well-being of the patients.

Importance of Quality Hospitals in Bangladesh

Provision of healthcare services to the population in Bangladesh is very vital, and it is ensured by top-notch hospitals in Bangladesh. This is where the second level of care is provided. The best hospitals are offering services that are sophisticated with modern technology and they have skilled medical staff. Here are some key points highlighting their importance of best hospitals in Bangladesh.

Comprehensive Medical Treatments:

A differentiating feature of good hospitals is that they provide a myriad of medical services, ranging from the simplest of check-ups to the most complex surgical procedures. Patients can have the access to the care that is at a high level, diagnostics, and treatment options.

Contributing to Healthcare Landscape:

These hospitals conservatively take part in the map of the nation’s healthcare system. They help in this scenario to increase the quality of health services and hence the health results of the population.

Notable Example: Laboratory Hospital:

The Hospital which is considered to be one of the important hospitals in Bangladesh is Lab aid. The agency is known for its high quality of healthcare provision and patient-centered services.

Reputation Matters:

Hospitals with good positive repute attract more patients. On the other hand, physicians with bad reputation confront problems like low patient attendance to appointments and an extra expenditure.

Public and Private Sectors:

With both the public and the private hospitals being very significant. Development of local accountability and financial support for the public healthcare institutions are the most efficient ways to enhance the whole service provision.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Hospitals

There are number of variables that are taken into consideration when evaluating hospitals as the setting for quality care. They are among others infrastructure, accreditation, patient satisfaction, medical expertise, range of services offered , and technological advancements.
When it comes to selecting the best hospitals, several key criteria should be considered to ensure quality healthcare services:

Reputation and Accreditation:

Seek hospitals that have established reputation for quality care and accreditation from organizations including Joint Commission or Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP).

Specialties and Services Offered:

Think what the range of specialties plus services of the hospital is. Make sure you chose those who will offer just the care you or your family members may require, whether it’s cardiology, oncology, neurology, or any other specialty.

Quality Measures:

Assess different quality metrics like patient outcomes, infection rates, rate of mortality and patient satisfaction. Such data is mostly exposed via sources like Hospital Compare or Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades to the public.

Physician Expertise and Credentials:

Assess the credentials and competence of the medical personnel, which include doctors, surgeons and specialists. Board certifications, experience and procedures results related to specific procedures may be meaningful of quality.

Facilities and Technology:

Look at the hospitals ‘ equipment, technology, and facilities. Availability of highly technological equipment and modern facilities can significantly improve the care level and treatment success rates.

Location and Accessibility:

Judge the hospital setting and accessibility particularly in emergencies. Pick a hospital that is conveniently close and presents no problems with distance. Then, select the institution that is ideally located within a reasonable distance from your home/workplace.

Insurance Coverage and Costs:

Ask if the hospital is in your insurance plan and if there are additional costs you are expected to pay. Learn the financial parts of your healthcare which includes co-pays, deductibles and coverage limits.

Patient Experience and Support Services:

Appraise the overall level of patient experience which involves the degree of personalized care, communication with healthcare providers, and availability of the following support services like counseling, rehabilitation, and pastoral support.

Safety and Hygiene Practices:

Are the hospital’s safety and hygiene protocols fully implemented to prevent health care-associated infections and provide a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff?

Continuity of Care:

Analyze how adequately the hospital cooperates with other healthcare providers and facilities in order to transfer patients gradually within the same healthcare network, especially in case of complicated medical conditions or established treatment plans.

By carefully considering these criteria, you can make an informed decision when selecting the best hospitals for your healthcare needs.

Top 10 Best Hospitals in Bangladesh

Now, we are going to explore the top 10 best hospitals in Bangladesh, singling out their crucial function of ensuring the provision of advanced, affordable and efficient health care to the population. These hospitals make use of state of the art facilities as well as skilled medical personnel to not only improve health outcomes but also to keep people Ready for public health emergencies and to enhance the standards of living in the country. Let us explore the top and best hospitals in Bangladesh.

Dhaka Medical College Hospital

Best Hospitals in Bangladesh

Our first list of best hospitals in Bangladesh are  Dhaka Medical College Hospital. It stablished at Dhaka in 1946. It is among the oldest and the most-respected medical institutions in Bangladesh. It is established in Dhaka and offers a broad spectrum of medical services both in general and specialized ones.

Special Features:

Facilities: Stocked with modern medical amenities and equipped with high tech medical equipment.
Skills: Developed by health care practitioners who have vast experience in providing quality care.
Services: Princes care, emergency visits, assessment and surgery.
Patient-Centered: Keeps the main focus on compassion, patient-centered care, respect and empathy.

Community Impact

In 34 separate departments and 42 wards, 234 doctors, 140 interns, 560 nurses, and 1100 other staff are dedicated to providing 24-hour health care both indoors and outdoors. The hospital presently has around 2300 beds, a new academic and hospital building, and a bone marrow transplantation facility, serving nearly 3500 inpatients every day.

Apollo Hospital Dhaka

 Best Hospitals in Bangladesh

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the second best hospitals in Bangladesh in our list . This is one of the leading medical centers in the Bangladesh capital, is situated. It was founded on the commitment to provide the finest healthcare services, and has gained its reputation for its topnotch patient care and high expertise in medicine. This hospitals the only JCI-accredited 425-bed multidisciplinary medical tertiary care hospitals in Bangladesh.

Special Features:

State-of-the-art facilities: with far-reaching medical technology and modern equipment.

Specialty Services: Is able to provide the advanced medical specialties such as cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics and others.

Skilled medical staff: Highly specialized physicians, surgeons, nurses and other specialists who’re involved in the provision of quality healthcare.
International Standards: Establishes high standard and measures in such a way to keep safety and satisfaction level of patients.
Patient-Centered Approach: The key thing is that the patients are in the center stage and therefore the emphasis (focuses) is on caring, patient-centered care with empathy and respect being the biggest of them all.
Research and Innovation: Assist in the implementation of research plans and add value to the physician workforce that will enable the achievement of clearly defined goals, and improve patient care.

Community Impact:

Apollo Clinic Dhaka is a community health promoter who is actively involved in health prevention programs, ignored health issues, and public health advocacy. They obtain this goal by cooperating with the governmental organs, non-governmental organizations, and international partners to fight health problems and enhance good health.

Square Hospital Ltd.

best hospitals in Bangladesh

List of 10 best hospitals in Bangladesh Square Hospitals  is number 3 in our list. Square Hospital Limited is a company which most people recognize and it is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is well known as effective way to provide high-class treatment and satisfy patient needs. It was It was  400 bed hospital.

Special Features:

Advanced Facilities: Square Hospitals Limited boasts of technologically equipped and furnished facilities with all the modern medical technology and equipment.
Comprehensive services: The clinics are not the only kinds of the departments, which consist of cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and obstetrics.
Skilled medical professionals: The team of multitalented medical staff consists of physicians, surgeons, nurses and support personnel that focus on providing a quality service.
Accreditation and certification: Square Hospitals Limited, a company with national and international healthcare bodies accreditation, follows the benchmarking standards of quality.
Patient-Centered Care: The hospital’s primary goal is a patient care which focuses on a holistic view of the patient and his/her welfare. It supplies them with comfort and superior medical care during their journey.

Community Involvement:

he hospital’s OPD will be able to serve the clients as well. They operate every day for 24 hours and 15 minutes, except for Fridays. The three units are collectively the to the around 2500 people in a day. The inpatient department (IPD) of the hospital can serve. Up to 500 patients at one time. The emergency department is open 24/7 .

United Hospitals LTD.

best hospitals in Bangladesh

list of best hospitals United Hospitals is another one. Dhaka is where United Hospital Limited a notable medical organization is situated. It is famous for having the best medical services and devotion to delivery of high quality care to the patients.  The 450-bed, 450,000-square-foot (42,000 m2) building started on August 24, 2006. It is the another best hospitals in Bangladesh.

Special Features:

State-of-the-art facilities: United Hospital Limited is equipped with modern facilities and is the one that uses advanced medical technology to ensure the patient gets high quality healthcare services.
Specialty Interdisciplinary Services: The hospital provides various medical specialties adapted to the needs: cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and other.
Team of Medical Professionals: United Hospital Limited’s team of physicians, surgeons, nurses and support professionals is highly experienced in caring for patients with all kinds of medical problems.

International accreditation: The hospital has international accreditations and certifications that certifies its recognition of global standards of quality and safety concerning delivery of healthcare.
Patient-Centered Approach: The first and foremost prerogative of United Hospital Ltd is the well-being and fulfilment of the patients, to make sure that they receive the needed personalized attention and support during the treatment.
Continuous Improvement: Healthcare is essential for the target of the hospital to be innovative and know-how improvement promote facility updating and technology updating for the comfort of the patients.

Community Involvement:

The essence of United Hospital Ltd is the community-centered programs, camps, and outreaches to the targeted community. This is the community-based approach that the organization is focused on in a regular basis. Works jointly with community-based organizations and public agencies to provide preventive measures for public health and to improve the health of community members.

Bangladesh Specialized Hospital

best hospitals in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Specialized Hospital is a leading medical facility located in Dhaka Country, Bangladesh it is the top 10/5 best hospitals in Bangladesh to our list. Here it is recognized for the medical specialty services and the mission of making sure the client is attended to well.

Special Features:

Specialty Medical Services: Our Hospitals in Bangladesh Specialties provides a great variety of medical specialties, cardiology, orthopedics, rheumatology, oncology, and rheumatology included.
State-of-the-art facilities: The hospital has well-equipped departments, healthcare centers, and up-to-date medical technologies with the aim of improving diagnosis and treatment.
Specialist Medical Team: Bangladesh Specialized Hospital has a team of eminent doctors, surgeons, nurses and other support staff employed who are the best at their healthcare professional fields and are much devoted to patients.

International Recognition: The hospital has international recognition and certification, reflecting its commitment to quality, safety and patient satisfaction.
Approach to patient care: Bangladesh Specialized Hospital places great emphasis on patient-centered care, prioritizing patients’ well-being and comfort throughout their healthcare journey.
Research and Innovation: The hospital actively participates in research and innovation aimed at advancing medical knowledge and improving clinical outcomes for patients.

Community Involvement:

Bangladesh Specialized Hospital is committed to serving the community through health education programmers, medical camps and outreach services. Partners with local organizations and government agencies to deal with the public health issues that the community is facing and to promote health and wellness. Again it is the an hospital in Bangladesh.

Labaid Hospital

best hospitals in Bangladesh

Labaid Hospital is a private health care center which is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Patients always come here for modern and high quality healthcare services. Labaid is one of the best hospitals in Bangladesh for health care.

Special Features:

State-of-the-art Medical Facility: The main hospital, Labaid, has the up-to-date facilities and advanced medical technology to offer the best healthcare services.
Comprehensive specialty services: Offering a wide range of medical specialties, this hospitals in Bangladesh includes cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and others to treat a variety of health issues.
Experienced Medical Staff: Labaid hospital is recruiting highly qualified professionals who have rich experience in care delivery processes and are professionals in diagnosis, treatment, and patient recovery.

International Recognition: The hospital gained its reputation and certifications both nationally and internationally, Which is committed to ensuring quality health care and safety standards
Patient-Centered Approach: At Labaid Clinic, patient care and satisfaction are a priority and the clinic works in a manner of compassion, and a patient-centered way, which is individual-patient specific.
Continuous Innovation: Labaid Hospital undertakes research, train its personnel, and invest in technology as the means of promoting quality quality, permanent improvement in health care delivery.

Mission and Vision

  • Participate in the development of healthy lives within the community.
  • To provide fiscally responsible healthcare services that benefit the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being of the people and communities it serves.
  • To conduct instructional and research activities linked to the care of the sick and injured, as well as health promotion.

Labaid Specialty Hospital will build healthier communities by creatively challenging people to take more responsibility for their own health. Unwaveringly strive unrivaled quality, value, patient, consumer, and employee satisfaction. Create a nationwide model for integrated health-care service delivery.

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Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute

best hospitals in Bangladesh

In our comprehensives list of  best hospitals in Bangladesh Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Research Institute is one of them. This cardiac center located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offers total cardiac care. It is a world-leading heart health organization with state-of-the art facilities, cardiology clinics and a focus on research.

Special Features:

Specialty: Intensifies on heart disease, admitting surgical and medical treatments.
State-of-the-art: adequately fitted with modern technologies and health infrastructure to guarantee precise diagnosis and efficient therapy.
Team of experts: Long term members of staff and highly experienced cardiologists and surgeons that are committed to giving the best care of the highest quality.
Research: Attend and participate in cardiac research to better treatment techniques and enlightenment of medical knowledge.
International Recognition: Developed to be internationally recognized and quality and safety rules recognized.
Patient-Centered: The prime focus is a patient, comfort and patient care, and his/her particular needs are supported.


  • IBRAHIM CARDIAC aims to promote high-quality cardiac care in Bangladesh, earning national and worldwide prominence.
  • The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh offers comprehensive health treatment and rehabilitation to diabetics of all genders and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Develop ethical, specialized personnel (e.g., physicians, technicians, nurses, and other professionals).


  • Diabetes patients in Bangladesh are guaranteed treatment, employment, and enough nutrition.
  • Our goal is to be a top provider of cardiac care in Asia Pacific by meeting our clients’ demands consistently.

Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd.

best hospitals in Bangladesh

Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. is a very well known health organization with its headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By focusing on the diagnostic services, it is well-known as a leading institution in both medical imaging and laboratory testing due to its high standard. Popular Diagnostic hospitals is one of the best hospitals in Bangladesh for providing cutting-edge health care services.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Services: Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. has diagnostic services including radiology, imaging, pathology and laboratory testing and these help in making sure a precise diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions.
State-of-the-Art Facilities: Provided with updated medical technology and modern devices, the diagnosing center guarantees the tests’ accuracy and reliability.
Expert Team of Professionals: The center has an experienced team of radiologists, pathologists, technicians and supportive staff who are dedicated to provide accurate diagnostic tests and superior customer service to patients.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance: Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. keeps credentials from national and international healthcare organizations in place, striving to attain stringent quality and safety standards.
Convenient Locations: From having several branches across the country, Bangladesh, the diagnostic center has made sure that patients who need diagnostic services are able to have access to them irrespective of location.
Patient-Centric Approach: Our healthcare provider, Popular Diagnostics Limited, focuses on patient comfort, convenience and confidentiality, ensuring that the patient gets a safe and calm environment during the diagnostic test. For this reason its the best hospitals.

Community Engagement:

Community health awareness initiatives are a commitment of Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd, which is demonstrated through organizing health awareness programs, medical camps and organizing educational programs. It cooperates with the health care providers, government departments and non-profit organizations to boost health promotion and disease awareness.

Bumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh

best hospitals in Bangladesh

In our best hospitals in Bangladesh Bumrungrad Hospital   is a world famous medical care facility placed in Dhaka. The hospital is a branch of the Bangkaew Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, where it aims to help people in Bangladesh get top-notch healthcare.

Key Features:

International Reputation: Bhumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh is a unit of the Bumrungrad International Hospital network that is well known not only in Bangladesh but also in the world for providing excellent healthcare services.
Advanced Medical Technology: The hospital has the most advanced technology in treatment and diagnostics that guarantee the top rating and standards in the fight against diseases.
Multidisciplinary Specialties: The Bumrungrad Hospital is a major medical center in Bangladesh that has various medical specialties, such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, and pediatrics.

Expert Medical Team: The hospital hosts a team of qualified and specialized medical practitioners from the field of medicine, surgery, nursing, and other supports service providers who are dedicated to offering customized healthcare and excellent outcomes for the patients.
International Standards: Quality and safety are international standards Bumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh must live up to while delivering health care. This is proved by their obtaining accreditations and certifications from prestigious healthcare organizations.
Patient-Centric Approach: The main goal of the hospitals in Bangladesh is to make patients comfortable, stress free and well satisfied, offering them a welcoming atmosphere and personalized care to meet patients and their families’ demands.

Community Engagement:

Bumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh, as part of its wider outreach, engages actively with the community through educational programs on health, medical camps, and outreach initiatives. It partners with the local organizations and the government ministry in a bid to create health awareness and disease prevention.

National Institute of Neuroscience & Hospital

best hospitals in Bangladesh

In our comprehensive best hospitals in Bangladesh  list  National Institute of Neuroscience & Hospital is number 10. This hospitals  specialized in neurology and neurosurgery. It is a 450-bed hospital. Its ten-story structure houses six modern operating theaters, a 16-bed ICU, a 12-bed HDU, a six-bed Recovery Unit, and twelve post-operative rooms.

Specialization: Specializes within neurological care, starting from diagnosis, treatment, and surgery.
Advanced Facilities: Now equipped with  advanced technological  devices, for diagnostic and therapeutic precision.
Expert Team: Made up of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and supporting personnel that are committed to patient care.
Research and Education: Working in neuroscience research for education, treatment interventions can be advanced.
Patient-Centric Approach: Pay special attention to the needs of the patient, safety, and satisfaction.

Community Engagement:

The National Institute of Neuroscience & Hospital’s partnership with the community is brought together through educational programs, awareness campaigns, and outreach initiatives on neurological health and disease prevention. In our best hospitals list in Bangladesh it is situated in No. 10.


Thanks for read my article carefully. In this article we discuss about top 10 best hospitals in Bangladesh. This article made to follow by all best hospitals selecting criteria. If you need any information about this article please feel free to comment below Trust Info BD is always ready to reply your comment as soon as possible.

FAQs for Best Hospitals in Bangladesh

Can these hospitals be afforded by the people in general?

Although the price may vary, many hospitals implement financial subsidy programs for the patients who cannot afford the treatment fees.

Is this hospital able to treat international patients?

Yes for fact being hospital most of them they have international patient departments which will serve they visitors.

Are these hospitals now not equipped with modern technology in medicine?

Yes, these hospitals do purchase these top-notch medical equipment in order to guarantee patients of correct diagnosis and active treatment.

Can I make the appointments through online very easily?

A lot of hospitals provide online systems for appointment booking to make it more convenient for the patients

Do these hospitals have a casualty department?

Yes, all the hospitals listed here offer medical emergency service round the clock.

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