Best Teletalk Internet Offer 2024 with activation code

Teletalk Internet Offer, Teletalk SIM is one of the SIM companies in the telecommunication branch of Bangladesh. It is Bangladesh’s own SIM company. Compared to other SIM companies, Teletalk SIM offers many benefits to its customers. On the one hand, the Internet service at a low price for a long period, on the other hand, the call rate is not the same as other SIM cards. You can talk at the lowest rate in the country on Teletalk SIM. And its internet speed is playing a big role in internet service. Due to low prices and good internet service, it is benefiting the people of the country day by day.


Teletalk Internet offer all Package 

In Bangladesh teletalk sim is the Best Internet services provider in all sim Companies. Many sims in the country provide the best and cheapest net services at low cost. As a result, Manus Teletalk SIM has opened up a new direction for internet users in the country. There are several packages of Teletalk SIM which are Bornomala, Aparajita and Agami. These three packages have separate Teletalk internet offers.


Teletalk Internet offer Regular Package

Every package has internet services with different prices but there is always Teletalk SIM, an internet offer for everyone. Which is the lowest price from all other sim operators.

 Teletalk internet package  Data  price, MB/GB, validity and activation  code

Internet OfferPriceValidation Timeactivation  code
100 MB9 TK7 Days*111*501#
500 MB39 TK30 Days*111*503#
1 GB21 Tk7 Days*111*534#
1 GB59 TK30 Days*111*49#
2 GB36 TK7 Days*111*136#
2 GB93 TK30  Days*111*93#
10 GB97 TK7 Days*111*97#
10 GB239 TK30 Days*111*550#
15 GB276 TK30 Days*111*777#
30 GB344 TK30 Days*111*344#
45 GB455 TK30 Days*111*455#
25 GB309 TKunlimited*111*309


Teletalk SIM Offer বর্ণমালা Package

Affordable special packages for college and university students.

Teletalk Internet Offer


Internet Offer

Internet OfferPriceValidation Timeactivation  code
1 GB24 TK7 Days*111*611#
1 GB46 TK30 Days*111*612#
2 GB83 TK30 Days*111*613#
4 GB62 TK7 Days*111*614#
10 GB186 TK30 Days*111*616#


HSC  ফলাফল দেখতে ভিজিট করুন  Click here

Teletalk SIM Offer আগামী Package

Teletalk is not for sale of upcoming 3G SIMs – it will be distributed to students with GPA 5 through online registration.

Teletalk Internet Offer

Internet offer

Internet OfferPriceValidation Timeactivation  code
1 GB22 TK7 Days*111*600#
1 GB45 TK30 Days*111*601#
2 GB81 TK30 Days*111*602#
4 GB55 TK7 Days*111*603#
10 GB170 TK30 Days*111*610#

Teletalk Internet package অপরাজিতা 

Teletalk special package for women for Aparajita  (অপরাজিতা)

Aporajita special Internet offerTeletalk Internet Offer

  • Aparajita customers can enjoy 1GB SIM activation as many times as they want in three months for Rs.8. Duration: 7 days.
  • Unused data will not be added later.
  • The recharge amount is inclusive of VAT, additional duties and surcharges.
  • After the date of package activation, special data packs are valid for three months.

Teletalk internet Package (অপরাজিতা) combo Pack

For just 199 Tk, customers can enjoy 300 SMS, 5 GB of data, and 250 minutes of talk time (to any local number). Thirty days is the duration. You can purchase the offer by calling 111199#.

Internet OfferPriceValidation Timeactivation  code
1 GB8 TK7 Days*111*8#
2 GB38 TK7 Days*111*38#


How to Buy online Teletalk SIM Internet Offer

 Apart from buying internet offers from SSSA, you can also buy all types of internet offers and talk time offers online. For that you need to go to its official website.

 Don’t worry Just click the link and buy your targeted Internet plan  Buy Internet

How  to Buy teletalk Internet package form APP

The easiest way for internet users is to purchase their data plan through the app. By using Teleplan through the app, you can use the Internet service at a lower price and for a longer period. Download the Mobile app  Download now

How to enjoy 4G Teletalk Internet package

  • Your phone needs to support 4G. You can then benefit from Teletalk Internet and its offers.
  • You must replace your 2G Teletalk SIM with a 4G SIM if you purchased it before 2012.
  • You must switch to 4G if your SIM card is currently in 3G.
  • To utilize Teletalk 4G internet and take advantage of the offer, you must be in an area covered by 4G.


First of all , thanks everyone to visit my website .

Teletalk Bangladesh is one of the best telecommunication operator .It is the only own SIM company in Bangladesh. The main objective of this SIM company is to provide low cost talk and internet services for the convenience of the people of the country. Teletalk SIM has appeared with twenty types of opportunities for students and women. Thanks everyone for stay with us.


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