La Crosse Technology Clock 2024 easy set up/Problem-Solution

La Crosse Technology Clock is a famous name in the world of watches. This watch brings a combination of accuracy and style. Join us on a journey as we explore the interesting world of La Crosse Technology watches, uncovering the launch features and timeless designs that make them a must-have for every home. In the modern world we live in, timekeeping has become more than a necessity—it’s an art.

La Crosse Technology Clock

Benefit of La Crosse Technology Clock 2024

The Atomic Clocks from La Crosse Technology automatically set the date and time. Inside is the secret. Atomic clocks automatically synchronize with the WWVB radio signal, which is continuously transmitted from Fort Collins by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). You can add sensors to monitor different locations around your home, either on the alarm clock itself or while you’re on the go with your La Crosse. You can also set a custom sleep length, make a one-touch nap timer, charge mobile devices, observe temperature and humidity, project time and weather data onto your ceiling, and more.

Key feature of La Crosse Technology Clock

For optimal accuracy, it features an atomic time and date that it sets for itself. The automatic reset for Daylight Savings Time is possible. Because this digital wall/table clock runs on batteries, it will maintain its accuracy even in the event of power outages or surges. With this time-keeper, you can be ready for nearly anything.


Accurate timekeeping is the main function of digital clocks and watches. Digital watches and la Crosse technology clock, in contrast to conventional analog clocks, show the time in digits, which makes it simpler to read and understand.

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Indoor and outdoor temperature display

The weather-resistant sending sensor provides wireless data to the outdoor temperature display up to 330 feet (100 meters) away, even at -40°F. The large, 2.125-inch-tall time digits on an easy-to-read LCD with a calendar and moon phase display are automatically adjusted to your selected time zone and to daylight savings time.

Smart alarm clocks

come with a variety of wake-up options, such as playing gentle music and projecting a sunny image. Smart alarm clocks can be customized to aid in going asleep, and some models come with meditation features. Most of the time, they can stream audiobooks, podcasts, and music. La Crosse technology clock are simple to set up with phone apps.

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La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock Instruction manual

People asking La Crosse technology clock to watch the user guide is so hard. But it is a very simple instruction. Now we explain step to step user manual.

  • Put your outside sensor’s two AA batteries in.
  •  Replace the two AA batteries in your clock.
  • Modify the date and time on your clock.
  •  Set the Outdoor Sensor outside in a partially shaded area after it has finished reading your clock.


  •  At UTC7:00,8:00,9:00,10:30, and 11:00, the station will automatically look for the atomic time signal.
  • To manually look for the WWVB atomic time signal, press and release the SET button.


  • Capture the SET button to bring up the Settings Menu.
  • To modify values, press the + and – buttons.
  • To proceed to the next item, press the SET button to confirm.

La Crosse Technology Clock

TIME Alarm
To access the ALARM settings menu, hold down the ALARM button.
To change the values, press the + or – buttons.
To proceed to the next item, press the ALARM button to confirm.
Turn on/off the alarm:

• When the alarm is set, it runs.
• To activate or deactivate the alarm, press and release the ALARM button.
• When the alarm is going off, the clock icon will appear.

  • To mute the alarm for ten minutes after it sounds, hit the SNOOZE button.
  • You can retry Snooze as often as you like.
  • Records of HI and LO temperatures
  • Press the button marked PLUS (+) to see the HI temperature.
  • Once again, press the PLUS (+) button to check the LOW temperature.
  • To reset the HI and LO temperature records, hold down the PLUS (+) button for five seconds.

Note: La Crosse technology clock update  all data is reset at midnight

The time and date that you set on your weather station determine the Moon Phase because it is based on the lunar calendar.

• To find the sensor, hold down the MINUS (-) button for three seconds.
• If there is no signal available, the search will end after three minutes, and the reception indicator will blink until a signal is received from the sensor.
• When the sensor is linked, the Reception Indicator will appear on the screen solidly.

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  • Change the batteries in the outside sensor when the Battery Indicator appears next to the outdoor temperature.
  • Change the station’s batteries when the Battery Indicator appears next to the time.

SPECIFICATIONS for la Crosse technology  clock

  • Temperature range inside: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Range of Outside Temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Range of Transmission:
  • More than 330 feet (100 meters) of open-air 433MHz radio

Power Needs:

  • 513-1417v5: Requires two AA batteries (not provided).
  • TX141-Bv3: Requires two AA batteries (not provided).

Battery Life:

  • 513–1417v5–more than a year
  • TX141-Bv3-for a full year

Please note that each house will have different practical instructions so please check carefully before purchasing.

 La Crosse Technology technology Clock Problem & Solution

Sometimes all the things we use are gone. La Crosse Technology  clock digital  can also be worn. Don’t get upset or upset about it. Trying to discuss some important issues and solutions for your convenience.

la Crosse Technology Clock troubleshooting

  • To reset the time if you are using your station online, try power-cycling the device:
  • Take out the batteries, if any are present.
  • Unplug the device.
  • Five presses of the LIGHT button will release any stray current.
  • Hold on for 30 seconds.
  • Re-plug the device in.
  • When the right time appears on the screen, replace the batteries

la Crosse technology atomic clock not working

Should the clock require batteries, examine them and swap them out as needed. Try turning the desk-top radio operated clock 90 degrees if it has one. If it’s a wall clock, consider installing it on a wall that is perpendicular to the one it is on (try an east or west wall if it’s on a north or south wall)


Thanks everyone for visiting my website and reading my article carefully. If you need more information about La Crosse technology clock  then Comment below . Trust info BD always ready to reply your question with try to best solution for you.


How can the La Crosse technology  clock time zone be changed?

To switch to the alarm set mode, press and hold the ALARM button for two seconds. To alter, hit + or –; to confirm and proceed to the next feature, press ALARM. ZONE / DST OFF / ON Press to switch between PST, MST, CST, or EST as the current time zone. To turn DST ON or OFF, hold down the ZONE button for two seconds.

How can I adjust my  La Crosse technology clock time?

Handily adjust the date and time on your phone |
Open Settings on your Android phone, then choose System > Date and Time in Android 9. Choose General Management > Date and Time in Android 8.
After choosing Set date and selecting the desired date on the calendar, hit Done.

How can I program my La Crosse Clock alarm?

To enter the alarm time set mode, hold down the ALARM button for two seconds. It’s the HOUR that will flash. You can change the alarm hour by pressing the + or – button.

La Crosse technology clock how to set time ?

  • To choose a time zone, slide the switch.
  • Place a brand-new AA alkaline battery into the case using the polarity indicated on the label.
  • Please position the clock against a wall facing Fort Collins, Colorado, for the best reception. Your clock will adjust itself automatically at night.

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