Best Skitto Internet Offer 2024 with Activation Code

Skitto Internet offer low prices, long-term internet, and super-fast 4G internet. This offer from Skitto to keep running the internet service In Bangladesh, when the internet price was so high, Currently, in Bangladesh, when the price of internet is sky high, Grameen Phone Skito SIM is the best option. But most Internet users didn’t know about it or how to use it. For this reason, In this article, we explain the Skitto SIM Internet offer. Reading Content for knowing all offers and active codes.

Skitto Internet Offer

Skitto Internet offer 2024 (Update)

Grameenphone is presenting all new and amazing Skitto Internet Offer for the consumers. The brand-new Skitto SIM for mobile internet providers has been made available by GP. The primary target audience for the Skitto Internet package is students. It also provides younger customers with the fastest internet service available. At the lowest prices, you will be able to take advantage of all the latest GP Skitto sim Internet bundles. Moreover, you need to purchase offers every day, every week, and every month. Because of this, we are here to provide you access to the entire Skitto Internet Bundle pack, along with information on their prices and expiration dates.

Skitto Internet offer Package list 2024

Should you like to buy a cheap internet plan and minutes from SKitto. Let’s examine the bundles that Grameenphone has provided to its Skitto Sim Customer. You can now get cheap Internet offers from Skitto Sim. We created a list of Skitto Sim Packs for you. Examine the provided table and choose your preferred Skitto Sim Offer.

Chill Deals Internet
Data PackPriceValidity
3 GB53 taka3 days
1.5 GB39 Taka7 Days
3 GB97 Taka30 Days
8 GB 193 Taka30 Days
16 GB280 Taka30 Days
23 GB377 Taka30 Days


Skitto Internet Offer

Promo Deals internet 
Data PackPriceValidity
1 GB25 Taka3 Days
2 GB45 Taka3 Days
3 GB55 Taka3 Days
106 MB7 Taka7 Days
1 GB30 Taka7 Days
1.5 GB40 Taka7 Days
1 GB50 Taka30 Days
2 GB76 Taka30 Days
3 GB100 Taka30 Days
5 GB150 Taka30 Days
8 GB199 Taka30 Days
16 GB289 Taka30 Days
23 GB38930 Days

Skitto Internet Offer Terms

Consequently, terms and conditions for Skitto’s online services are provided by the GP. As a result, it’s essential to understand all of the Skitto SIM MB Offer GP’s terms and conditions. The terms and conditions for the Skitto SIM Internet package are listed below.

  • The new Skitto SIM card must first be purchased from any GP customer service location.
  • Installing the Skitto app from the Google Play Store is the second step.
  • After that, the whole GP Skitto SIM 2020 Internet package is yours to utilize. In order to purchase them, enter the precise amount.
  • The code from the Skitto SIM Internet bundle is also usable.
  • The Skitto SIM data offer’s data plans all come with an extra 10% (SD), 5% VAT, and 1% service tax.
  • Additionally, the Grameenphone offers Internet credit via the Skitto internet offer code *121*1#.
  • However, the data section of the Skitto app allows you to view the specifics of the Skitto SIM internet subscription.

Download Skitto APP

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Top Skitto Internet offer

3 GB 51 Tk

You may now receive 3 GB of internet for three days at an even lower cost. You may purchase 3 GB of internet with this plan for 51 taka. The Skito app is where you must activate this package. With this internet, one can view any website. Auto-renewal is not applicable.

2.5 GB 46 Taka 3 days validity

For 46 taka, you can receive 2.5 GB of internet for three days.

3 GB 97 Taka for 30 days

On a Skito SIM, 3 GB of internet is often offered for 100 Taka . But you may activate this plan for merely 97 taka by recharging online. The duration of this internet bundle is 30 days.

5 GB 88 Taka 7 days

You can purchase 5 GB of internet for seven days at a time if you need more data. The price is Tk.88.

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GP Skitto internet offer activation process

Skitto SIM Internet offer perches process is very simple . In this process no need USSD code . You can buy Internet from Skitto app. Here is a process Below

First Download Skitto App
Login with your Skitto SIM
Select Your targeted offer
Confirm Purchasing’s

If you maintain this step carefully then you can easily enjoy your internet offer


Thank for visiting my website and read my article carefully. If you need any information about GP Skitto Internet offer please feel free to comment below . Trust Info BD always ready to reply your comment with best solution .Thanks again enjoy your data plan and enjoy your life.

FAQ about Skitto Internet Offer

How Do I check my Skitto Internet Offer?

You Can check your internet offer easily from Skitto App or check your inbox.

What is the benefit of Skitto SIM?

Skito SIM offer Low price Internet Offer/call rate, fastest network and long term validation date.

Is Skitto and Grameenphone Same?

Skitto SIM is a Grameenphone Product. Its run completely run by SKitto APP. But It is a different product.

Can I convert my GP SIM to Skitto ?

Answer is NO. You can enjoy Skitto offer by purchase Skitto SIM.

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