Best GP minute offer 2024 (এখান থেকে কিনুন)

GP Minute Offer

The latest GP minute offer 2024 is waiting for your door. The list of GP minutes offers includes both GP minute bundles and packages. You can download the most recent GP minutes pack offered by Grameenphone from this post. This well-known mobile network has always published a variety of minute offers for its loyal users. You can easily take advantage of these GP minutes if you use Grameenphone.

 GP minute offer 2024 (updated)

If you are a Grameenphone customer and are now searching for a GP minute offer. Amazing packages brought to its customers by Grameenphone. The number of GP Minute Packs is high. While some customers have long-term deals, others wish to purchase a GP Hourly Minute Pack. The GP Hourly Minute Offer, GP One Day Minute Offer, GP Three Days Minute Offer, GP Seven Days Minute Offer, GP Fifteen Days Minute Offer, and GP Thirty Days Minute Offer are these extended GP offers.

How to check GP Minute offer 

GP minute offer checked processes are very simple and very easy. If you use MY GP app then you can browse the app and check it easily and faster. Otherwise, if you are a button phone user you can check it for the dialing process. The dialing code is 12112#

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latest GP minute offer list 2024

We will now go over the specifics of the GP Minute Offer Code with you. Take a look at the information below. You’ll be aware of incredible last-minute deals. We provided a table-based description of the GP Minute Packs. From the following table, you can choose your offer with ease.


Minute Price        Activation codevalidity
106 taka*121*4024#6 Hours
2114 taka*121*4001#16 Hours
2516 taka*121*4207#1 Day 
3724 taka*121*4002#1 Day
6744 taka*121*4003#4 day
9059 taka*121*4005#7 Day
12078 taka*121*4026#7 Day
16099 taka*121*4006#7 Day
190117 taka*121*4007#10 Day
310199 taka*121*4018#30 Day
350233 taka*121*4008#15 Day
480298 taka*121*5074#15 day 
500307 taka*121*4208#30 Day


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The GP 10-minute offer is one of the most famous talk time offers. This GP minute pack is actually worth 6 Taka. This minipack has a six-hour expiration date. One type of emergency minute pack is this one. 1214024# is the dialing code to purchase this minute offer. This minute volume can be used with any local operator number.

GP 21 Minute offer 2024 

With just 14 Taka, GP customers can use a 21-minute talk pack. Do you want to take this offer? You are able to utilize the 21-minute package, though. The GP minute offer for 2023 is best at this time. You can accept the minute package if you like it. Enter 1214001# to get this. This offer validation is only 16 hours.

GP minute offer  16 Taka

The GP 25-minute offer is currently another inexpensive, compact daily minute pack offered by GP. You can purchase this package for only 16 Taka and receive 25 minutes. There is a 24-hour/1-day expiration window. This GP minute is now available for purchase using the standard USSD dial code 1214207#. 

GP 37 Minute pack offer

The GP 37-Minute package is a limited-time deal. By calling the USSD code or using FlexPlan, you can obtain the available GP minutes. Here’s a 37-minute short film. 24 Tk is the asking price. At the GP, a 37-minute talk time costs just 24 Taka. Dial 1214002# to take advantage of this GP minute offer for 2023. This 37-minute deal is available for a full day.

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GP 90-minute offer

The GP 90-minute offer is available through GP New Minute. GP currently charges just 59 Taka for 90 minutes of talk time. Any customer can easily purchase the offer for ninety minutes. You must, however, purchase the 90-minute offer for TK 59, which includes VAT. To buy a minute pack, please enter 1214005#. The package has seven days left on it. 

GP 100-minute offer  pack

The 100-minute package in the GP minute offer 2023 was recently introduced by Grameenphone. Everyone will appreciate these minutes, which are excellent. Flexi plan customers can purchase this minute bundle. During the course of seven days, you will receive 100 minutes. You can utilize the Flexi plan apps to activate this offer. This minute-long pack can be utilized for days.

GP 190-minute package 

GP 190 minutes are available to all users. 190 minutes are now available at 117 TK from GP. The lowest minimum minute offer is published by Grameen Phone. There are 190 minutes in the GP pack. To take advantage of the offer, enter 1214007#. This GP minute pack is medium in size. 190 minutes are provided by GP- any  Local mobile carrier to the GP client. This offer is only valid for the next ten days.

GP 300 Minute offer 2024

The GP minute offer 2023’s best 300-minute offer is now available to all customers for 310 minutes. This well-known mobile network in Bangladesh is offering a fantastic monthly GP minute deal. Dial 1214018# if you would like to purchase this monthly minute bundle. This minute package is available for 199 Tk. There is a 30-day window for validity.

GP Minute Offer

GP minute offer terms and conditions.

  • The obtained minutes can be utilized to call from GP to any nearby operator
  • At the conclusion of the legitimacy period, in the event that a client has any remaining minutes, it’ll be relinquished. In any case, in case a client re-purchases the same pack inside the legitimacy period, the minutes will be included, and the legitimacy will be overhauled accordingly.
  •  The unused diminutive volume will be carried forward in case the client buys the same pack inside the dynamic legitimacy period.
  • To check the Energize or Revive offers related terms & conditions, it would be ideal if you visit Energize / Revive Offers T&C.
  • This offer will run until advance notice.
  • The cost is comprehensive of SD, VAT, and SC.


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In conclusion, thanks for visiting my website to learn GP minute offer. 

I think you learn about the minute offer. Now you can easily buy your targeted plan and enjoy a talk time offer. If you need any information kindly comment below. Trust info BD is always ready to reply to your comments


How can I obtain an offer for GP minutes?

Terms and Conditions: Eligible clients must dial 1214022# in order to take advantage of this offer. The client will receive eight minutes (GP-any local operator). The Minutes will be valid for four hours following the time of purchase.

What is the GP 11-minute code?

11 minutes at Tk 7.

Customers who qualify for this offer must dial 1214023# or 1214024#. They will receive 11 minutes (GP-Any local operator)


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Where can I get 40 minutes in GP?

This offer is valid for all customers, both postpaid and prepaid. Eligible consumers must recharge exactly 29Tk or dial 1214405# in order to take advantage of this offer. 40 minutes are provided to the customer (GP-Any local operator). The minutes will be valid for two days following the date of

In GP, how can I get a 200-minute offer?

200 minutes at Tk 149

This offer is valid for all customers, both postpaid and prepaid. Eligible consumers must recharge exactly 149Tk or dial 1214408# in order to take advantage of this offer.

How can I purchase 500 GP minutes?

500 minutes for Tk 318 

Eligible consumers must recharge exactly 318 Tk or dial 1214415# in order to take advantage of this offer. Any local operator can be reached by calling from GP using the purchased minutes. If a customer has minutes or data left over at the end of the validity period, they will be lost.


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