Best Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 Price & Activation Code

Banglalink Internet offer is one of the best services for internet users. Every Internet user wants a low price, long validity, and the best Internet connection service. For this reason, Banglalink internet offers are created for all internet users and customers. If you get an Internet offer you can use all places like home, rode, river and anywhere you need. If you are a Banglalink user, it is the right article for you.

 Banglalink Internet offers  2024 (update)

Banglalink Internet offer was the latest update a few days ago (15 November). Banglalink is one of the best telecommunication providers in Bangladesh. One of the largest and strongest net services provided by Banglalink. It provides its services in only two categories prepaid and postpaid. This offer services are fully different for all BL users.

Banglalink Internet offers services are four parts: regular, pre-internet package, super internet pack, premium, mini internet pack, and unlimited Internet pack. In this context, I will give you all BL Internet services offered by the officially announced Banglalink.

Banglalink Internet Offer

How to Check BL Internet Offer 

Banglalink Data checks are very simple and easy. You can check it by the Banglalink app. If you do not use the My BL app you can check using dial code 1211# or 5000500#.

Download the My BL App and enjoy all new offers easily. Download now 

Banglalink Amar offer 

Banglalink Internet Offer

BL Amar’s offer is the best and lowest-priced offer for all Banglalink users. All users always want when I get this offer. They are ready for this offer.

You can easily see and buy this offer using the My BL app and dial USSD *888#

Banglalink  Internet Offer Prepaid

In Bangladesh, most of the Banglalink customers use prepaid services. For this Banglalink created attractive and low-priced internet offers for her Prepaid users. Every Prepaid user always buys the lowest offer at any time and anywhere. If you want all small and big internet pack buy for using internet.

Banglalink Regulars Internet Offer and Activation Code 

Banglalink always announces attractive offers for all customers. This time latest update on the regular pack price and data pack.

You can buy and purchase any time for the app and use the USSD code. Below is the table offer, date, and activation code.

Internet Offer

Price Day     Activation Code
1 GB49 taka 7 Days *121*49#
500 Mb139 taka 30 days*121*139#
2 GB 69 taka7 Days*121*69#
3 GB209 30 Days*121*209#

Banglalink Premium Internet Offer and Activation Code 

Banglalink premium customers always get to buy big data plans. Banglalink announced an excellent offer for her premium customers. All premium users always buy and use internet offers at any time. I think customers are happy to use it.

Now get the Offer and activation code below.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
15 GB199 taka7 Days*121*199#
80 GB799 taka30 Days121*799#
60 GB699 taka30 Days121*699#
25 GB249 taka7 Days121*249#
40 GB 599 taka30 Days121*599#
20 GB229 taka7 Days121*229#
10 GB169 taka7 Days 121*169#
25 GB 499 taka30 days 121*499#

BL Internet offers  Mini Pack 

Banglalink Internet offer mini pack is offered for all small internet users. Who needs some MB and uses her short-time browsing. Banglalink also created a mini offer for her user purpose. People also buy and use this offer on My BL and USSD codes

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Now you can get the offer with an activation code.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
100 MB197 Days121*19#
300 MB129 taka30 Days121*129#
100 MB99 taka30 Days121*99#
300 MB29 taka 7 days121*29#

Banglalink Internet Offer Supar pack 

Banglalink’s offering is a super package offer for her super customers. Super customer buys are low price and healthy Banglalink Internet Offer and use for her personal valuable work. Super data packs are in four categories 3GB, 5GB, 7GB, and 10 GB data pack.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
3 GB89 taka7 Days121*89#
7 GB149 taka7 Days121*149#
5 GB299 taka30 days121*299#
10 GB399 taka30 Days121*399#

Banglalink  Internet offer Unlimited

Recently all SIM operators have announced a lifetime Data pack uses offer. Banglalink also offers an unlimited Data package at a low price. If you are a Banglalink Customer and want to buy unlimited Internet then you can buy It easily.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
25 GB849 taka10 years 121*849#
50 GB1299 taka10 years 121*1299#
75 GB15 99 taka10 years 121*1599#

Banglalink Internet offer Postpaid  2024

Banglalink Internet Offer

Now we Come back to explain about Banglalink Internet offer 2024 Postpaid services. Banglalink postpaid customers also enjoy low prices and the world’s fastest 4.5G network services by Banglalink. If you are a postpaid customer you can purchase and enjoy the most speedy internet easily. 

Postpaid packages are also divided into seven-day and thirty-day data plans. 

Here is all the data plan and activation code

Banglalink Postpaid offer mini pack

Banglalink Postpaid Internet mini pack is offered for all postpaid internet users.. Banglalink also created a postpaid mini offer for her user purpose. People also buy and enjoy use this offer on My BL and USSD codes.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
100 MB16 taka7 days*121*1025#
800 MB52 taka7 days *121*1032#
100 MB52 taka30 Days*121*52#
200 MB86 taka30 Days*121*86#
400 MB113 taka30 Days*121*113#
800 MB169 taka30 Days*121*1029#

Banglalink Postpaid offer Regular pack

This regular package uses all Banglalink postpaid user unlimited time purchase.

Now get the offer and enjoy it. 

Below is the offer and active code.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
1.5 GB66 taka7 days*121*1033#
1.2 GB75 taka7 Days*121*75#
3 GB84 taka30 Days*121*84#
1.6 GB246 taka30 Days*121*246#
1.5 GB216 taka30 Days*121*216#

Banglalink internet offer Postpaid super pack

Banglalink’s postpaid services offering is a super package for her super customers. Super prepaid users always use this package smoothly for their internet browsing purposes..

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
3 Gb104 taka 7  Days*121*104#
2.5 Gb111 taka 7  Days*121*111#
6 GB129 taka 7  Days*121*129#
1 GB224 taka30 Days*121*224#

Banglalink internet offer 7 Days Pack ( Postpaid)

Banglalink offered seven (7) days internet pack for all customer. You can buy and enjoy  low-price internet service.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
18 GB199 taka7 Days*121*199#
25 GB249 taka7 Days*121*249#
7 GB149 taka7 Days*121*149#
10 GB169 taka7 Days*121*169#

Banglalink internet offer toffee pack

One of the best offer get by Banglalink customer for Toffe lowest price Internet Services. If you want to watch a movie, song, or live to watch a cricket or Football match you can watch it easily using the Toffee app and use Banglink internet offer. Now buy Banglalink Toffee Internet and enjoy the fastest 4.5 G speed and watch you want.

Internet OfferPrice DayActivation Code
2 GB46 taka7 Days*121*46#
1 GB20 taka1 Days*121*5020#
5 GB96 taka30 Days*121*96#
60 GB699 taka30 Days*121*699#
30GB + 700 minute798 taka30 Days*121*798#

Banglalink Internet recharge offer 

If you want to get an offer by recharge. You can recharge the below amount and purchase the offer easily.

Internet Offer Recharge Price Day
1.5 GB49 taka3 Days
500 MB31 taka3 Days
2 GB58 taka3 Days


Finally , thanks everyone to visit my website Trust Info BD.

Banglalink  is the fastest 4G internet service in Bangladesh. If you are a Banglalink customer then you follow the article carefully and chose the best Banglalink Internet offer for you need. Enjoy your Data plan and enjoy your life.

If you need any type of offer related then comment below .I will try to my best answer.



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